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Guidelines and Expectations

In order to run a quality program, it is imperative that your son/daughter hold themselves to a high standard of behaviour.  This has a direct impact on the quality of the program for all involved.  The following steps will be taken should your child have a difficult time with this.

 1.  Three Strike Rule

If the student is reprimanded (verbally or written) the Academy Director will implement the appropriate consequence based on the severity of the offense.  A letter will be sent home or a phone call made to inform you that this has occurred and of the next step and/or implemented consequence.  Possible consequences include:

1st time offence = Warning - Letter or phone call home & removal from academy for one session 

2nd time offence = Removal for 1 week (5 school days-parent meeting)

3rd time offence = Removal from academy

If the students is removed from the Academy for the 2nd or 3rd offense he/she must remain at school as this is treated as an in-school suspension.  The student must serve the in-school suspension during which time the student will remain in the office completing homework/assignments until a meeting with the parents can be schedule. At this point the student is also placed on probation until there has been a meeting with his/her parents to discuss potential removal from the Academy and to reiterate Academy expectations.

If any offense is deemed severe enough the Academy director and/or principal has the right and final say to remove the student.

The Student Conduct Policy serves as a guiding document. 

Minor Infractions: Missing/incomplete assignments or homework, disruptive classroom and field trip behavior, coming late to school/ice session, etc.

Major Infraction: Repeating minor infractions, missing school/ice session, disrespectful behavior to staff or students, bullying, fighting, etc.    

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