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Flex Days

At STM we have a Flex Thursday once a month. This includes students registering for sessions which might include but are not limited to: 

  • Student led activities with regard to personal interests 

  • Review of concepts taught in a variety of subject areas 

  • Discovery learning  

  • Cross Curricular opportunities 

  • Enhanced curricular opportunities 

  • Trying new class or sports  

  • Learn from a different teacher 

  • DSC_0261.JPGCross grade sessions  

Twice a year we also have a Mental Health Thursday where students will sign up for sessions to increase their mental well being and take a break from their academics. These sessions will include: 

  • Meditation Yoga 
  • Zen Doodling 
  • Art 
  • Cooking 
  • Knitting  
  • Cross Stitch  
  • Sports 

How Do I Sign Up? powerschool.JPG

Sign-ups will be done through a program called PowerSchool. This requires your child’s 7-digit ID number and their password. 

Flex sign-ups will open Friday prior at 3:00. Your child must select four FLEX SESSIONS. 

How do I choose a flex session to best support their learning? 

1) Log on to 

2) Have your child log into the power school program. This requires your child’s 7digit id number and their password. 

3) Use the menu along the left to select flex sessions. 

4) Search for flex sessions by using the Search bottom on the bottom left. 

5) To register your child for a flex session. Select the register for the particular session. 


Just because flex is for students doesn’t mean parents don’t have a role. Parents can help guide their child to select the most appropriate flex sessions. 

• Selecting flex sessions is something that can be done together. 

• Talk to your child about their core subjects, they may mention that there is a subject they are having difficulty with. Have them register for a session in that subject area. 

• Check power school to view student grades. If you notice an area where your child may need extra help, have them register for a related flex session. 

• Students can sign up for flex sessions where they express extra interest 

• If your child has any current or outstanding assignments, you can encourage them to register in a homework block; quite time for independent work. 

• Encourage your child to sign up for sessions that best support their learning. This means not signing up for sessions because their friends are in them. 

• Have your child record their flex sessions in their agenda. They should record the flex session number, the title of the session, the teacher and the room number. 

• Flex is about balance; students should sign up for a variety of sessions. For example, they should not sign up for all Phys. Ed. related flex sessions. 

• Students signs-ups will open Friday at 3:00 pm. 

• Student signs-ups will close at Wednesday at 3:00 pm (the day before the Flex Day). If a student is not signed up by this time their homeroom teacher will register them in flex sessions. 

• At times, your child may be already registered in a flex session. This could be a presentation or work block where a teacher has placed your child in that session.

Your child should be able to explain why they were registered for that session. For example, there is a presentation for grade 9 students about high school. 

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