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General Information


The philosophy of St. Rose School is based on the premise that the purpose and fulfillment of life can be found in living out the Commandment of Love:

Love God. Love Your Neighbour

The growth and development of one's individual talents should be shaped by the commitment to this ideal. Self-esteem and self respect are acquired by a healthy concern for others as well as for oneself.

The talents one possesses are special God-given gifts which, through proper nurturing, encouragement, and sharing will enable that individual to reach fulfillment for the good of others as well as for oneself.

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Rose School is a commitment by the staff and school community to assist students as they become:
  • receptive learners, assertive in expressing the knowledge
  • caring and compassionate individuals, committed to excellence and to using their creative talents
  • people prepared to cope with the many challenges life presents
  • individuals who desire to excel and to enrich the lives of others with sensitivity and perseverance


St. Rose School is located in the Parkview - Valleyview neighborhoods in west Edmonton.

Key Features

  • Consistently excellent high academic results
  • Students drawn from throughout the city
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Well equipped with technology and an excellent library
  • Strong athletic program
  • Jazz and concert band
  • Dedicated staff and a highly supportive School Council

Our Namesake

The patron saint of our school is St. Rose of Lima. St. Rose was born in Lima, Peru in 1586. Noted for her beauty, she resisted her parents efforts to have her marry and was attracted instead to a life of prayer and reflection in religious life. She entered the Third Order of St. Dominic at the age of twenty.

When her parents fell on hard times, Rose worked in the garden to help them. Rose also cared for poor children, slaves, Indians and elderly people in an infirmary she set up in her family home. This is considered to be the beginning of social services for the poor in Peru.

Stories of her holiness spread, and her garden became the spiritual centre of the city. When earthquakes struck nearby, her prayers were credited with sparing Lima. She was canonized in 1671, and thus became the first saint of the New World. She is the patroness of South America.

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