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Honours Programs: Language Arts and Social Studies

The Honours Program is geared towards students who enjoy courses that present a challenging learning and academic environment and provides students with inquiry-based learning strategies. Founded in excellence and commitment, the Honours program extends the regular curricular objectives with a focus on higher-level reasoning, and critical thinking skills, with links to other disciplines, and expanded subject matter.

Honours Language Arts Program:

In this program, students will read extensively, analyze critically, and pursue advanced proficiency in reading and writing. Our focus is on creativity, the development of tone, the writer’s voice, and in-depth literary analysis. Honours course work is challenging and requires both academic aptitude and the ability to work independently. 

Students who complete the HLA program successfully are well prepared for more advanced English classes at the high school level such as Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate Programme. The admission process will be posted in January 2023.

Honours Social Studies Program:

The Honours Social Studies program enhances the regular curriculum with enriched course content.  Students will have the chance to create independent or small group projects that focus on a deeper understanding of Canadian and world history, and the Canadian Federal government. Students will have the opportunity to debate and create written responses based on a variety of sources and issues discussed throughout the year.  Through in-class and online discussions, students will engage in current events that are occurring in Canada and around our world. The program empowers students to develop critical thinking skills through a multi-modal approach.  

The admission process will be posted in January 2023.

Entrance Exam Dates:

The following are the entrance exam dates that will take place at St. Rose school.  A student may write one or both exams on one day. We will be posting exam dates in January 2023

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