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St. Paul school open house video 

Kindergarten Video 

A message from trustee alene mutala

Welcoming Students! 

St. Paul Catholic Elementary school is accepting registrations for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Please contact the school office @ 780-452-1510 for additional information!

Open House 

Virtual - Wednesday February 23, 2022 @ 6 pm 

Virtual Open House - Copy of Presentation (click here)

enrichment for all

At St. Paul Catholic Elementary School, all children will engage in a school-wide focus, that will include:

  • An inquiry focus that builds on the foundations of literacy and numeracy as we strengthen competencies across all learning domains
  • Building upon student agency with humility as we love and serve within our community (students will actively be involved in social justice projects)
  • Learning within an environment that enhances student creativity and imagination
  • Growing community partnerships that link instructional practises that extend teaching and learning beyond the traditional school environment
  • Providing tiered assignments and independent projects for all students
  • Offering a variety of clubs for students (i.e. Speech and Debate, Robotics, Engineering, Geoscience, Go Green Initiatives)

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The gifted classroom

Students in the Gifted Classroom will have a specialized teacher that:

  • Develops Individual Program Plans (IPP’s) for students that include a personal interest inventory and an individual learner profile, focusing on a strength-based mindset
  • Provides independent study that varies in levels of complexity and depth that aligns with the Alberta Program of Studies
  • Provides enrichment clusters for deeper learning of concepts and skill development
  • Works with students in multi-aged grouping

*This program is targeted specifically for those students who meet the Gifted and Talented Criteria.

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