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Catholic Faith

St. Paul Elementary School

Our Mission

Our students will learn together, work together and pray together in answering the call to a faith-filled life of service.

Our Vision

We believe that to achieve the mission of St. Paul School, we need to develop our capacity to function as a professional learning community.

We envision a school in which the staff works together in collaborative teams to:

  • Seek and implement best practices for improving student achievement on a continuing basis

We envision a school in which students:

  • Are equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitudes which enable them to apply their learning in a meaningful context during 21 Century learning opportunities;
  • Adopt positive attitudes treating themselves and others with respect and consideration;
  • Develop confidence and pride in their gifts, talents, and abilities as they continue their educational journey in junior high.

We envision a school in which parents:

  • Create home environments that encourage learning;
  • Communicate high, yet reasonable, expectations for their children’s achievement and future careers;
  • Are involved in their children’s education; · Monitor their child’s progress

Parish Information

· Parish Name – St. John the Evangelist

· Parish Website -

Sacramental Preparation

St. Paul School is happy to work in partnership with St. John the Evangelist Parish and other schools in our St. John the Evangelist Family to support parents and children in preparing for the Sacraments of Confirmation, First Reconciliation and First Communion. Sacramental Sessions are offered at the Church. The Sacramental Program involves:

Parents registering their children for the sacraments and purchasing study guides through the school, at the Parent Information Evening, or through the parish.

  • Parents and children taking part in three Saturday morning classes (one hour in length) for First Reconciliation or two Saturday morning classes (one hour in length) and a teaching mass for First Communion. All sessions are conducted by one of the parish priests.
  • Parents and children reviewing assigned sections of the study guides at home prior to the parish-based sessions.
  • Children receiving the Sacrament of First Communion as a group with classmates from school at a designated mass.

Please note that parents whose child was not baptized at St. John the Evangelist Parish, are required to submit a copy of the child's baptismal certificate with their registrations.

For more information please contact St. John the Evangelist directly at:
Religious Education

All of the Schools in the Edmonton Catholic School District use a Religious Education Program that is prescribed by our Alberta Bishops and provided through the National Office for Religious Education in Ottawa. The Program ranges from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, and offers students with an overview of our Catholic faith as well as grade specific themes.

Our School Namesake

Saint Paul, first known as Saul, was born of Jewish parents in Tarsus. Educated in Jerusalem, he became a strong opponent to the Christian movement and was instrumental in having many Christians arrested and put to death. On his way to Damascus, he was knocked to the ground, struck blind by a heavenly light, and given the message from God that in persecuting Christians, he was persecuting Christ. This experience had a profound spiritual effect on him, causing his conversion to Christianity. He was baptized, changed his name to Paul and began traveling and preaching. After Paul’s conversion, he devoted his life to bringing God’s message to the people. He traveled extensively, endured great hardships and worked tirelessly to establish new communities of Christians. There has never been a greater preacher and missionary than Paul. He taught us that there are many gifts, but always the same Spirit. God is in all people even though God works in different ways. Some people teach, some work miracles. All gifts are from the same Spirit. Go on living according to the gifts given to you by God. It is love that you should strive for. Set your hearts on spiritual gifts, especially the gift of proclaiming God’s message.

Religious Celebrations

We hold Liturgical Celebrations throughout the school year and parents are always welcome to join us on these occasions. Our special day celebrations are:

School Opening Mass, Thanksgiving Celebration, Remembrance Day, Advent Season, Christmas Mass, Lent - Ash Wednesday, Easter Mass, Grade Six Farewell, Year End Mass.

See more at: /8225/page/4143/calendar

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