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Catholic Faith

St. Paul Elementary School


St. Paul Catholic Elementary School is a compassionate community where knowledge is pursued with excellence, faith is rooted in Christ, and character is embodied through service. We are dedicated to creating a caring and nurturing environment, producing life-long learners, and enriching students’ lives. 


Guided by our Catholic Faith, we cultivate excellence in every student to prepare and challenge them to reach their full potential. 


With humility we love and serve 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13 

Parish Information

Parish Name – St. John the Evangelist

Parish Website 

Sacramental Preparation

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ

Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ features a Student-Home Website with videos, songs, bible stories, prayers, interactive activities and more—all designed for students and families to explore their faith together.

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Our School Namesake

Saint Paul, first known as Saul, was born of Jewish parents in Tarsus. Educated in Jerusalem, he became a strong opponent to the Christian movement and was instrumental in having many Christians arrested and put to death.On his way to Damascus, he was knocked to the ground, struck blind by a heavenly light, and given the message from God that in persecuting Christians, he was persecuting Christ. This experience had a profound spiritual effect on him, causing his conversion to Christianity. He was baptized, changed his name to Paul and began traveling and preaching.After Paul’s conversion, he devoted his life to bringing God’s message to the people. He traveled extensively, endured great hardships and worked tirelessly to establish new communities of Christians.There has never been a greater preacher and missionary than Paul. He taught us that there are many gifts, but always the same Spirit. God is in all people even though God works in different ways. Some people teach, some work miracles. All gifts are from the same Spirit.Go on living according to the gifts given to you by God. It is love that you should strive for. Set your hearts on spiritual gifts, especially the gift of proclaiming God’s message.
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