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Student Leadership

Where our students
the leaders of

The Student Leadership Team consists of 20 student leaders that help organize the activities for the students. The commitment is one meeting per week, Tuesdays at lunch time. Time is spent on organizing, advertising, and setting up activities and events for other students, as well as fundraising.

How do students apply?

The students must apply for a position on the Leadership Team by filling out a form explaining why they want to join, and how they will help. All students are encouraged to submit an application. However, there may not be room for all interested students on the team.

Leadership Team Activities

During the year, the students organize fun activities such a dances, pep rallies, movies, and Halloween events. They also help out with Open House, Grade 6 Orientation, Elementary Feeder Tournaments, and organizing workshops and events for anti-bullying, drug/alcohol awareness and respect. Fund-raising efforts focus on our local community and global initiatives.

Other Leadership Opportunities

We encourage all students to become involved in helping with events and school functions, such as:

  • Morning Broadcast
  • Feeder Tournament Leaders
  • Open House Assistants
  • Scorekeeping and Linespeople
  • Lunch Cleanup
  • People for Good
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