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School Background

Our Motto 

 Dignity, Respect, and Service 

 Our Mission

We are committed to supporting the development of full learner potential and maintain an environment which: nurtures growth of individuals, encourages respect for others and models self-respect, justice and compassion.

Our Vision

St. Nicholas Jr. High School is a Christ-centered, culturally diverse community that fosters critical and creative thinking, international-mindedness and social justice. The staff and students are devoted to creating an environment that embraces life-long learning; an environment where everyone is inspired to achieve excellence in academics and strength in mind, body and spirit.

Our Pledge as Catholic Educators
We understand, as members of a Catholic learning environment, that individuals are gifts from God. With direction from the Catholic Church, we, with our parents, strive to provide a supportive Christian atmosphere, where we challenge all members of our school community to develop their God given talents and gifts to their fullest potential.

Our Parish  

Parish Website:  St. Alphonsus / St. Clare Parish Information

 Our Namesake

 St. Nicholas

Our school is named after St. Nicholas the bishop of Myra who lived in the Fourth Century AD. 

St. Nicholas is venerated and honored for holiness and glory. Histories of his life agree that he suffered imprisonment.   St. Nicholas was a Christian priest, who later became a bishop. He was a rich person, and traveled the country helping people, giving gifts of money and other presents. St. Nicholas did not like to be seen when he gave away presents, so the children of the day were told to go to sleep quickly or he would not come! Nothing has changed and Santa Claus will not arrive this Christmas unless the children go to sleep early.
A famous story about St. Nicholas, is about a poor man who had no money to give to his three daughters on their wedding day. St Nick dropped bags of gold into the stockings which the girls had left to dry by the fire. The sisters found the gold and ever since, children have hung up stockings on Christmas Eve hoping that they will be filled with presents by Christmas morning. He is the patron saint of sailors and children.

His feast day is celebrated on December 6

 Information about St. Nicholas

Our Logo
Our school is the "HOME OF THE KNIGHTS." The logo represents pride and strength, and we pledge, with God's help, to promote and maintain an environment which: nurtures growth of individuals, encourages respect for others, and models self-respect, justice and compassion.
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 School Tours -  we are always available to take you on a tour of our great school.  Just call and set up an appointment. (780)-474-3713

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