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Option Courses


Instrumental Band is offered at all three grade levels as an option at St. Nicholas. We have participated in Band Share Days with other junior high schools in ECSD, the Celebration of the Arts, and the Jump Start Program which is an introduction to the various instruments in the band. In past years, St. Nicholas Band classes have gone on a trip to Banff or other destinations to perform. We also rehearse to perform at school-wide celebrations. Additionally, there are extracurricular opportunities for students in the Fine Arts Academy to participate in Honour Band. 


We have a full drama program with emphasis on orientation (team-building), improv, speech, puppeteering, mask, mime, rehearsal, and performances as an option twice per year. One of the staple performances of Round Table Theatre Productions occurs within the Grade 8 Drama class: our annual Travelling Puppet Show where the Grade 8 class goes to elementary schools in the area to perform scenes that are written, choreographed, and performed by Grade 8 students. There are continued opportunities to enhance student's theatrical skill-set through the Fine Arts Academy Theatre Focus Program by signing up for the class or auditioning for a role in the Year Play.


St. Nicholas artists’ work has been seen hanging in the ECSD Superintendent's office, the Edmonton Convention Center, the Celebration of the Arts, and many other places around the city of Edmonton. During the school day, Art is an option that any student can take. It is a multi-medium approach, where students learn Art History, and how to work with clay sculpture, acrylic and watercolour painting, oil and chalk pastels, a variety of sketching techniques, digital arts, photography, and much more!


Students in Food Studies learn about food safety and safe handling of tools and equipment, while demonstrating knowledge and skills in the planning, preparing, and evaluating of basic cooking and baking. They will come away from the course being able to describe preparation methods and the role of key ingredients in basic baked products, while demonstrating the ability to work in a team of their peers. 

Recreational Leadership

New course!  Details coming soon ....

Sports Performance 

Sport Performance is offered in conjunction with the Soccer Academy for the soccer academy students. Sport Performance aims to encourage young people to live healthier and more active lives. Embedded into the soccer academy, the sport performance program will give the opportunity for our athletes to try a variety of activities such as:  Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Handball, Bowling, Frisbee Golf, Soccer Tennis, Strength Training, Track and Field, Swimming, Baseball, Bocce and much more.

Film Studies 

Details coming soon...


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