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Career & Technology Foundations (CTF)

At St. Nicholas School, Thursdays are devoted to Career and Technology Foundation Courses.

CTF courses are each 90 minute blocks on Thursday mornings. 

Students have a choice of 2 different CTF courses per semester.  

Soccer Leadership and Science Academy are full morning (180 minutes) on Thursdays and may return to school later than dismissal time when there are field trips.

Some of the CTF Courses offered at St. Nicholas School:


An introductory course on music culture and history, specifically through the lenses of popular music and student-led genre/artist projects. Topics will vary based on genre and locale, e.g. 60s pop and the British invasion (The Beatles). No musical background is necessary.

 Hand Sewing

Students will learn about the basic tools, terms, and techniques of sewing. They will develop their skills by completing a few simple tasks. By the end of the semester students will produce a final product that will demonstrate their understanding of their basic sewing skills.

 Soccer Academy Leadership - full morning

Offered to those Soccer Academy students who possess strong leadership and communication skills as well as have a keen interest in learning the art of coaching. Throughout the year, students will develop valuable leadership and mentorship skills through practice plans, video analysis and on-field instruction. Students will also develop skills useful for fitness leadership, sport performance, athletic therapy, and leading recreational activities. As part of this course, students will also apply what they learn by offering coaching sessions to their fellow classmates. This class will help provide the necessary skills to plan, prepare, and deliver a coaching plan to grades 3,4,5 and 6 elementary soccer athletes. Students will be given a letter grade and marked on their lesson plans and their teaching skills.

 Communication Technology

Discover and develop your skills with computers and get experience in various forms of media including animation, design, and game-making. No previous experience in these categories is required, but an interest in them is recommended. The projects within will be basic, but if you have some more advanced experience in these areas, you're still welcome to join.

 Web Design

Students will be able to create a project based on their personal interests and inline with increasing their Webpage Design or Info Processing skills. Along with teacher guidance, students will create and implement a plan over the 14 weeks of our course to achieve their final goal. 

 Robotics and Coding 

Students will be introduced to basic block coding with loops, conditionals, and functions. After learning basic coding, working in partners students will use LEGO SPIKE Prime Robotics kits to help visualize the codes by coding with movement, sensors, and actions. There is an emphasis on task-based, hands-on learning. If you are interested in problem solving, come learn the skills needed for the new digital generation.


Within this course students will learn all of the basic knowledge needed to become a confident baker. This course will teach basic baking terminology, how to use essential equipment, ingredient functions, and a variety of other basic baking topics.

 Theatre Art

This is an extension of Drama; here we will focus on not only live-improvised and scripted work, but also other dramatic forms such as film. You will create various improv scenes, short skit plays and movies.

 Social Justice

students will be able to be leaders in our school as well as in the community. This course is designed for the students to go out into the community and make a difference and learn valuable skills. Some of the places we may be visiting include: The Edmonton Food Bank, senior centers, hospitals and elementary schools. Please be advised that because of this, proof of vaccination and age may be requested to attend these facilities. Grade 8/9 only.


Discover and develop your personal fitness plans and goals and have the chance to begin putting your plans into action. This class will include designing your fitness plans and using our fitness room when available to begin working towards your goals.  This will be a judgment free zone so any student who has an interest in bettering themselves is welcome to join!  

 Digital Music Creation

Using Chromebooks, students will learn to create their own music from the ground up, working on beat making, melodic/harmonic development, and original composition. No musical background is necessary. 

 Braided Journeys

Learn more about Indigenous Arts and Culture. Connect with Indigenous Knowledge Keepers. Enjoy fun activities. Contribute to Social Justice Initiatives and develop Leadership Skills.

 Math Minds 7

Math Minds is meant to help students who might need additional help with learning grade 7 math.  Our course will follow the grade 7 math program of studies and will offer students the opportunity to work in groups, pairs and individually.


Students will work in teams and individually to create factual, emotional, ethical and persuasive arguments in favor of a particular topic/issue. You will compete against other teams with opposing views on the topic/issue. The goal is to convince others that your team or “side” is correct by providing the best argument. A wide variety of topics/issues will be covered.

 Math 8/9 Help

This session is open to students that wish to further their understanding in the language of Math. We will expand on content presented in your regular math classes. This class is meant to help you achieve your realistic goals in Math.

 Transition To Ten

An Introduction to High School life for our Grade 9 Students. Topics such as what to expect when you get to high school, What you can do now to prepare, programming, and Academic Planning


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