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Career & Technology Foundations (CTF)

At St. Nicholas School, Thursdays are devoted to Career and Technology Foundation Courses.

CTF courses are each 90 minute blocks on Thursday mornings. 

Students have a choice of 2 different CTF courses per semester.  

Soccer Leadership, Fine Arts Academy, and Science Academy are full morning (180 minutes) on Thursdays and may return to school later than dismissal time when there are field trips.

Some of the CTF Courses offered at St. Nicholas School:

Film Creation

Step into a world of making film. In this course you will explore film technique and design. You will have the opportunity to navigate different styles of film and create your own short film. From writing to filming and tying it all together this course will allow you to embrace your inner creative style.

 Honour Band

In this course we will be entering into the world of different musical careers. You will get the opportunity to be involved in group performances as well as explore an instrument of your choosing.

 Soccer Academy Leadership - full morning

 Offered to those Soccer Academy students who possess strong leadership and communication skills as well as have a keen interest in learning the art of coaching. Throughout the year, students will develop valuable leadership and mentorship skills through practice plans, video analysis and on-field instruction. Students will also develop skills useful for fitness leadership, sport performance, athletic therapy, and leading recreational activities. As part of this course, students will also apply what they learn by offering coaching sessions to their fellow classmates.

This class will help provide the necessary skills to plan, prepare, and deliver a coaching plan to grades 3,4,5 and 6 elementary soccer athletes. Students will be given a letter grade and marked on their lesson plans and their teaching skills.

 Health & Wellness

This course focuses on introducing basic concepts and practices that can enhance and strengthen your health and wellness. You will discover the twelve determinants of health, dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social wellness), build strategies to incorporate practices into your life, and how nature can enhance your lifelong health and wellness. 

 Environmental Stewardship

Students will learn about to various environmental challenges and issues facing our local, national, and global communities.  We will look at water, agriculture, climate change, and sustainability issues facing our collective futures. Students will have the chance to apply their newfound knowledge to communicate and advocate within their community with a project-based demonstration of their learning. 

 Robotics and Coding 

Students will be introduced to basic block coding with loops, conditionals, and functions. After learning basic coding, working in partners students will use LEGO SPIKE Prime Robotics kits to help visualize the codes by coding with movement, sensors, and actions. There is an emphasis on task-based, hands-on learning. If you are interested in problem solving, come learn the skills needed for the new digital generation.

Manipulating Math

Using various hands-on manipulatives and strategies students will learn to solve problems in fun & creative ways. Come and get support in completing tasks that may be too difficult to complete during class time. This class will focus on supporting students in getting fluent in the outcomes necessary to achieve success in math throughout their entire Junior High experience. Google Classroom will be a tool used to show and discuss work

Digital Design

In Digital Design, you'll be working with different computer programs and applications. In our class, you'll be creating posters, blogs, digital art, gifs, and more! Student's will get to use programs like Canva, Google Draw, TallTweets and others. 

Fine Arts Academy - full morning

The Fine Arts Academy Theatre Focus Program will take place on Thursday mornings during the first semester, and then after school during the second semester. A Round Table Theatre Production will go up at the end of April. This year the cost of the Academy program is $200.00 which will cover the cost of specialized programming, academy attire, and Fine Arts specific field trips. An application process is required to join the Fine Arts Academy. See Molloy for details.

Media Makers

We will be examining major news events from around the world, learning how to conduct research, then writing our own articles. This will be done in groups and individually and will be put together into a weekly online newspaper/resource that can be read by the entire school. 

 Food and Culture

Join me in having our tastebuds travel the world! In this course, we will study various cultures from all around the world and we will recreate dishes from many different countries. 

 The Food Truck 

In this course, we will be leading everything need to run your own food truck! We will create a name for our “business”, break down the cost of food, create dishes and recipes, and “sell” our food. Can you run a food truck? 

 Braided Journeys

Learn more about Indigenous Arts and Culture. Connect with Indigenous Knowledge Keepers. Enjoy fun activities. Contribute to Social Justice Initiatives and develop Leadership Skills.

 Braided Journeys Book and Leadership Club

Students will focus on the voices of Indigenous ancestors through reading Indigenous books, poems, movies, and traditional oral storytelling, and growing to be a confident writer.

Theatre Sports

Come develop your skills in storytelling, teamwork, and competition with sessions based in the art of Improv. Build characters and play in created worlds of risk and danger. Live in the moment of fear, learn to cope with stress, develop empathy for others, and have fun with friends both new and old.

Introduction to Guitar

We will learn the basics of reading music and playing guitar. We will also learn the basics of recording music. 

Production Preparation

Do you want to be backstage as part of the St. Nicholas Fine Arts Academy’s production of Alice in Wonderland this year? Then this is the CTF course for you! Come learn what the word dramaturgy means, what it takes to become a stage manager, hands-on costume lighting, sound, and set design experiences. Students do not have to be actors to be in this CTF, but actors will get an insider's perspective about the show!

Transition To Ten

An Introduction to High School life for our Grade 9 students.   Topics such as ‘What to expect when you get to High School’, ‘What you can do now to prepare’, ‘Programming’, ‘Academic Planning’, etc.

Debate Battles

Students will learn the ins and outs of debating and how to prepare and engage in a professional debate about topics that are relevant to our world. (eg. The voting age). They will practice debating both individually and in teams.

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