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Career And Technology Foundation Courses (CTF)

St Nicholas CTF Descriptors

Semester 1 and Semester 2




Braided Journeys


Students will strengthen their leadership skills as they explore First Nations, Metis, & Inuit culture. The students will have the opportunity to create art, as well as collaborate with peers on projects. The focus will be on local cultural practices, history, & current events, with occasional examination of Indigenous cultures from around the world.


Film Creation


Step into a world of making film. In this course you will explore film technique and design. You will have the opportunity to navigate different styles of film and create your own short film. From writing to filming and tying it all together this course will allow you to embrace your inner creative style.  



Environmental Stewardship


The course is designed specifically to support Alberta Education’s CTF: Environmental Stewardship curriculum. The course promotes an authentic and meaningful exploration of relations between humans and their environments. Educators and students alike are given the unique experience of learning about both local and global issues (plastics, food, air, and water quality, waste management and sanitation, and consumer choices). During the course, students are exposed to various challenges/issues in their local communities and in global communities in developing countries. Students are then taught how they might plan, act, and respond to an issue that is important to them. The course culminates in an exploration by students of careers.


Explore Science 8


Explore the hands-on aspect of the Science program! Due to Covid-19 restrictions and classroom limitations, there will be minimal hands-on lessons in regular science classes until restrictions are lifted.  This course is an opportunity to actively engage in small group and individual hands-on lessons. Preference will be given to those students who were previously enrolled in the Science Academy.


Explore Science 9


Explore the hands-on aspect of the Science program! Due to Covid-19 restrictions and classroom limitations, there will be minimal hands-on lessons in regular science classes until restrictions are lifted.  This course gives students the opportunity to participate in small-group and individual grade 8 activities that were missed during the lockdown, and activities from the grade 9 program. Preference will be given to those students who were previously enrolled in the Science Academy.


Exploring Healthy Relationships


This course is based on the Canadian Red Cross Healthy Youth Relationships Program which focuses on promoting healthy relationships and the foundation of healthy development. Participants will be given understanding and strategies to enable them to make healthy choices about their own relationships and to support their friends in making those healthy choices as well to be able to identify when in an unhealthy situation. There is also the opportunity to have participants co-facilitate sessions for some experience and to show leadership as well.

Fashion Studies


In these sessions you will learn to use patterns, fabrics, a needle, and thread (and even a sewing machine!) to create projects of your choice. Starting with your very own mask and then, we will see!


Food and Culture


This course will study the customs, culture, and way of life of 4-6 different countries. Students will research and create related projects, as well as cook and experience food from these respected regions of the world. 




This course will focus on the basics of reading music and learning to play guitar. The course will also involve and introduction to music recording and mixing. Take your first steps to working in the music industry.


High School Prep


Are you in Grade 9 and have a lot of questions about High School? This course will examine everything you need to know, from choosing the right High School to developing strategies to ensure your High School experience is a successful one.  This course will also allow participants to examine career paths after High School and how to ensure course selections compliment and support their future career.


Honour Band


In this course we will be entering into the world of different musical careers. You will get the opportunity to be involved in group performances as well as explore an instrument of your choosing. 


Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) Support


This is a supplemental literacy intervention program designed to help struggling readers achieve grade-level competency. LLI is delivered through explicit, direct instruction in a small-group format. Fast- paced lessons aim to engage students and promote rapid processing.  4 students/grp will be selected - 40-minute blocks for half a semester. Students are not required to register as they will be excused from their CTF course for a 40-minute block. 


Manipulating with Math


Students will have the opportunity to solve problems in fun & creative ways, showing processing skills with manipulatives. Students will also have an opportunity to complete math related tasks that may be too difficult to complete during class time. This class will focus on supporting students in getting fluent in the outcomes identified in the math curriculum. Google Classroom will be a tool used to show and discuss work.


Soccer Academy Leadership


Are you the next great coach? This course is for Soccer Academy students that possess strong leadership and communication skills and have a keen interest in learning the art of coaching. Throughout the year, students will learn how to run soccer sessions and develop skills useful for coaching, fitness leadership, sport performance, athletic therapy, and leading recreational activities. Through practice plans, on-field instruction and video analysis, students will develop valuable leadership and mentorship skills that they will use in a practical setting.




Social Studies 7 Breakout EDU


The course is designed specifically to support Alberta Education’s CTF: Communication Technology (COM) stream. The course promotes development of skills related to technology used to design, construct, and relay a message for the purpose of connecting, informing, entertaining, or selling products. Educators and students will use various software programs and platforms to experience and create their own Breakouts. Students will integrate social studies content into the games they create for other students. Games will be tested and adapted and used to reinforce key learning from both outcome areas. In Breakout EDU games, players are presented with a backstory or a challenge; they work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles to open a locked box or complete the challenge.


Travel and Tourism 7


An introductory course that will focus on planning, preparing, and organizing trips and activities.  All the while making personal connections to possible career possibilities. Students will also get the opportunity to use technology to create itineraries, plan excursions and connect with real life people in the travel/tourism profession.


Webpage Design


Students will have the opportunity to work in small groups or individually to learn how to create a webpage or other digital content that they have an interest in. The final project is intended to be kept in class and not posted to the internet. A keen interest in working with computers and wanting to complete a final project are preferred. 



Mind Body and Spirit

This course explores you as a whole person, a wonderful human, made up of your mind, body, and spirit. Learn how each contributes to your well- being, how you can be the best you can be, and practice self-care.

Travel and Tourism 9

Travelling and exploring new parts of the world is a great way to experience new cultures. In this class, you will learn more about the travel and tourism industry. We will cover topics such as employment opportunities, promoting a region for tourists, identifying travel attractions, travel opportunities at the local and national level, and other topics that interest you. Projects in this class include promoting a city for potential tourists as well and planning an international trip guided by you!

Robotics and Coding


Students will be introduced to basic block coding with loops, conditionals, and functions. After learning basic coding, working in partners students will use LEGO SPIKE Prime Robotics kits  to help visualize the codes by coding with movement, sensors, and actions. There is an emphasis on task-based learning. If you are interested in problem solving, come learn the skills needed for the new digital generation.


Digital Communication

Learn how to get a message across to an audience! We will explore a variety of digital techniques to communicate your ideas.  If you like to be creative and want to learn some new digital skills, this is the class for you. No previous experience necessary.

Games Extravaganza

Are you interested in learning and playing a range of board and card games? Have some laughs, develop strategies to outwit your opponents, and discover something new.  As your skill and understanding grows you could even develop your own cool game!

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