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School Re-Entry Plan

St. Mark Re-Entry Plan

October 2020

As AHS guidelines and the number of COVID 19 cases changes, St. Mark school with the direct support of Edmonton Catholic Schools will also adapt some of our procedures to ensure that our students, staff, families, and all members of our community are kept as safe as possible. Through mitigating the risks of the virus, we will be able to keep everyone safe while we offer the best Catholic education available.

Safety Expectations

As a school, during any given school day, we are committed to controlling student and staff physical distancing from the moment students leave home to the time they safely return home at the end of the day. In order to accomplish this, we are going to ask that you work with us to ensure the following:

● Student must have NO symptoms before coming to school - Updated

It is the responsibility of every parent/caregiver to assess their child for symptoms before they come to school. If your child has any symptoms, he/she is legally required to isolate for a minimum of 10 days. Your child is not allowed to return to school until he/she is assessed by a health care professional to exclude COVID 19 as the cause. Your child is still our student, we will continue to support his/her learning while he/she is isolating at home!

ECSD COVID 19 Safety Screening Questionnaire (Link Below)

Alberta Education Guidelines for Students with Symptoms (Link Below)

● E-mail to confirm communication and support families - Updated

We will be sending an e-mail home to help you with the next steps if your child needs to stay because of any symptoms and to confirm that our teachers will continue to support your child during his/her isolation period. The first place for your child to contact the teacher is through their google classroom. Our teachers will always be available through e-mail for their students.

● Student procedures on bus transportation and parent drop offs

All students must always wear a face mask while travelling on any public transportation. Parents will not be allowed in the school (Closed Campus), students need to be dropped off with a face mask, and then they enter their designated school entrance.

● Student door entrance and exit

There will be no congregating in the hallways. When a student enters the school, they will immediately proceed to their first classroom. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all entrances and students must use them upon entry and exit of the school.

                          ● Grade 9 students will enter the east entrance (Close to Construction Lab).

                          ● Grade 7 students will enter the MAIN entrance.

                          ● Grade 8 students will enter the north entrance (Close to School Field).

● Student breakfast procedure

Breakfast will still be served every morning to ensure students are ready to learn but it will be delivered to all students in their classrooms. All food provided will be packaged healthy snacks that will only be handled by properly sanitized hands of staff.

● Student locker access and personal possessions security

All lockers will be closed and unavailable to students. Students are asked to only bring the school supplies they need for the day in their backpack which will be stored under their desks at all times. Students are asked to not bring unneeded valuables to school, but they will always be monitored in the classrooms. We encourage students with a personal Chromebook to bring them to school to avoid sharing school devices. Please keep in mind that your child is responsible for the safe keeping of their Chromebook. This is not mandatory; our school has the devices needed to support student learning.

● Student times in the hallways

During each block, classes will be assigned times to access the hallways to ensure there is appropriate physical distancing in the hallways at any given time. During this time, students will be able to stretch their legs, use washrooms and re-fill their water bottles.

● Student lunch times and locations

Students will be eating their lunch at their desks in a classroom. Microwaves will not be available, so students are asked to bring food that does not need heating. The canteen will be closed indefinitely. Lunch snacks will be provided for students that need lunch. After lunch, students will be provided some time outside with their classmates with the expectation that all students keep their masks on and follow proper social distancing (2 meters) rules.

● Student physical proximity in classrooms - Updated

Student desks will be spaced as far apart as physically possible in classrooms to follow physical distancing protocols. Students must always wear their face masks. Small group work will only be allowed in controlled and properly spaced areas of classrooms with student face masks. Students will always need to wear their masks unless they can properly maintain 2 meters from each other.

● Students showing any symptoms while in the school

If any student shows any symptoms during the school day, they will be immediately escorted by a staff member to the isolation room near the front office. They will stay there isolated until a parent comes to pick them up. It is expected that all parent/caregivers make an honest effort to pick up their child quickly to mitigate the risks of COVID 19.

Our division and school have some other important safety precautions. They will be in effect until Alberta Health Services changes their guidelines.

● Field Trips - Updated

The only field trips that will be permitted will be for the Recreation Academy, but we are not going to start field trips until at least the end of October. All other field trips will be stopped indefinitely.

● Face Masks are MANDATORY all day except for lunch

Face masks are mandatory for all students and staff all day. It is suggested that parents/caregivers invest in several more masks to prevent having to do laundry every day. If a student forgets a mask or a mask becomes unsafe, the school will have disposable masks available for students.

● Athletics are on hold until November - Updated

All athletics will be on hold until November. We are planning to run athletic teams for all sports, but we are going to wait until we believe it is safe for everyone in our community.

Learning Expectations

● Selecting in-school or online (remote) learning - Updated

Our division will be emailing out a letter (link below) on Monday, October 5th to provide you the opportunity to choose whether your child will be educated at school or at home for the rest of the school year. You will be given from October 5th to October 15th to make your decision. This means that you are deciding where your child will be educated starting November 10th until June 30th, 2021. St. Mark school is taking all the precautions necessary to mitigate the risk of the COVID 19 virus and our staff is ready to teach your child in school. If you prefer Home Education, our division will continue to support your child. Please reply to the division by the October 15th.

● Bell Schedule and Timetable (Link Below) - Updated

The changes to the bell schedule and timetable have been very effective in ensuring our students are always in safe cohorts. The students are having great success with our new timetable with three blocks a day to minimize transitions and maximize teacher instruction.

● Come prepared for physical education

Lockers and gym change rooms will be unavailable at the start of this school year. If your child has physical education, they will need to come prepared to participate. For example, bring or wear indoor running shoes. Personal possessions will remain under the student’s desks locked in their classroom.

● Academic Expectations remain HIGH

During these uncertain times we MUST protect each other and ensure everyone is safe, but many weeks of learning were lost last year and our goal as a school is to prepare our students for their next level of learning and guide them to be Christ-centered leaders of tomorrow. Our school is opening to support our community and your children’s learning. We are starting this year with same academic HIGH expectations our community has always had and deserves.

If you have any questions about what is explained here, please feel free to contact your administration team. We are here to help, and make you feel welcome!

Kevin N Myskiw                                                       Theresa Laville

Principal                                                                   Assistant Principal

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