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Social Studies

Canada: Origins, Histories and Movement of People

7.1 Toward Confederation

7.2 Following Confederation: Canadian Expansions

Grade 7 provides a comprehensive examination of Canadian history preceding and following Confederation. The concept of intercultural contact is introduced through an examination of migration and immigration. Grade 7 forms the foundation for the continued dialogue on citizenship and identity in Canada.

Historical Worldviews Examined

8.1 From Isolation to Adaptation: Japan

8.2 Origins of a Western Worldview: Renaissance Europe

8.3 Worldviews in Conflict: The Spanish and the Aztecs

Grade 8 expands on the concept of intercultural contact and continues to develop historical thinking skills through an examination of past societies in different parts of the world.

Canada: Opportunities and Challenges

9.1 Issues for Canadians: Governance and Rights

9.2 Issues for Canadians: Economic Systems in Canada and the United States

Grade 9 focuses on citizenship, identity and quality of life and how they are impacted by political and legislative processes in Canada. The role of economic systems in Canada and the United States will also be examined

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