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  • Celebrations with a strong student involvement
  • Music for all
  • Sports Teams
  • University partnership for student teaching
  • University partnership for tutorial assistance
  • Integrated use of technology in core subjects
  • Extensive support system for student learning
  • Peer support
  • Safe and caring small-school environment
  • Closed Campus Policy
  • Breakfast and Snack program
  • Junior Achievement
  • Weekly Flex Sessions (Student Choice) 
  • Recreation Academy
  • Robust option program for students 

Extracurricular Activities

  • Concert Band Calgary/Banff Concert Band Trip
  • Overnight Band Camp
  • Fitness Centre
  • Noon hour Intramurals
  • Student Leadership
  • Track and Field Team
  • Cross Country Running Team
  • Volleyball Teams
  • Basketball Teams
  • Soccer Teams
  • Badminton Team
  • K of C Basketball Free Throw
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