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Our goal at St. Leo School is to assist students to achieve their personal academic best.  In addition to our regular programs in Kindergarten through to Grade Six, St. Leo School offers a variety of academic and co-curricular  programs.

 In the area of academic programming, the following programs are available to your child 
  • Kindergarten with Full-Day Programming (Kindergarten and Extensions) - See link at bottom of page.
  • School-wide Literacy program designed to develop strong skills in both, reading and writing. 
  • Leveled Literacy Intervention Program.
  • Collaboration with  Our Lady of Fatima Parish for Student Catholic faith formation. 
  • Integration of First Nations, Metis and Inuit activities and education.
  • English as a Second Language instruction & benchmark assessments.  
  • Academic Support & Enrichment through an on-site Learning Coach. 
  • Information and Communication Technologies are integrated into the core curriculum.
  • French as a Second Language instruction  is offered to all students in grades 4 to 6.
  • Music instruction for all grade levels.
  • Fine Arts are integrated into your child’s academic subjects.  
  • Full Wireless technology & access for all students.
  • Mobile computer technology for student learning.
  • Apple iPad technology for student learning.
  • Daily Physical activities such as physical education classes, extra/co-curriculum activities, and sports teams encourage our students to be active each and every day. 

Extra /Co-Curricular Programs

We also offer your child an Extensive Extra/Co-Curricular Program.  The objectives of school activities are to reinforce skills taught during the regular programs, promote good sportsmanship, citizenship, and school spirit in students and assist in providing a varied program which enhances and promotes positive student attitudes, morale, and Christianity.  In the area of extra-curricular programming the following programs are available to your child:

Terry Fox Walk/RunEPL Reading Rockstars ProgramSchool Patrols
Cross Country Running Club Student Leadership Training
(ECSD Symposium)
GO AUTO Hot Lunch Program (Monthly)

Swim Program (Gr. 4)
Volleyball Team
Milk Program
Ski Days (Gr. 4-6)
Babysitting Training Course  
      Student Led               Morning Broadcast           
Free Footie Soccer TeamsChristmas Concert/Family Fun Night Festivities
 LIONS Leadership  Club           
Floor Hockey TeamsAbbotsfield Youth Program (AYP)

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