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School Information

Welcome Back – Administrator’s Message

"Walking Together in the Light of Christ"

Our division theme this year comes from the gospel of Matthew (5:16) which says " let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works." We have been gifted with the light of Christ to share with others, to light our paths and to be light to others.  At St. Leo, our students and staff are the light of the building, bringing their gifts and talents to assist each and every person who enters through our doors.  

We welcome each and every one of you to come to St. Leo to experience the graces of God and to live with each other in peace, understanding and love.  We are here to serve our community and our community is very important to us.  

Our staff have come together this year with the attitude of " Same Team, Same Dream".  It is our belief that working with the families, the parish and the students, our students will be able to dream big.

Mrs. P. Liogier- Principal

Ms. C. Bowers- Assistant Principal

School Vision Statement

By following in Christ's footsteps and through collective effervescence, we aspire to create an environment of positivity and continuous growth that will allow the entire school community to live their God given purpose.

School Mission Statement

The mission of St. Leo Elementary school is to provide a Catholic education that inspires students to learn and that prepares them to live fully and to serve God in one another.

School Logo

Our school logo is best explained in symbolic parts to represent the whole.
The Cross- reflects our Catholic faith and our Christ-centeredness, which celebrates Christ as our model.
The People- reflects our belief in celebrating diversity as can be seen in bodies young and old, big or small all working hand in hand as we share our gifts and talents.  We embrace and celebrate diversity and believe that it makes us stronger as a whole community.
The Sun- represents the ‘light’ that emanates because we work collaboratively and share our many God-given gifts and talents.   It is in celebrating our uniqueness that we bring light to all who enter our school. 

School Motto

“A Place for Everyone”

Our school logo reflects that we are a Christ-centered school that works collaboratively, celebrates diversity and embraces everyone.  We believe that St. Leo Catholic Elementary School is “A Place for Everyone”.
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