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February is Black History Month

BHM 2022

Throughout February, our staff and students are proudly recognizing and celebrating Black History Month. This is a chance for our Division to honour the legacy of Black Canadians and their communities.

Edmonton Catholic Schools consultants have shared many opportunities and rich resources with our staff so that they can learn and explore more about Black History in Canada and around the world. 

Our EDIAR team has produced a series of videos featuring students and staff reflecting on what does Black History Month means to them.


February and Forever: Celebrating Black History today and every day

The 2022 theme for Black History Month is: “February and Forever: Celebrating Black History today and every day,” which focuses on recognizing the daily contributions that Black Canadians make to Canada.

No matter where you live, we invite all Canadians to learn more about these communities and how they continue to help shape the story of Canada.


Featured #BHM2022 Student Activities

The Grade 4-6 Leadership class at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary/Junior High School was inspired by the work of African-American artist Alma Woodsey Thomas, as they created these colourful canvases.  The students learned that Thomas was the first African-American woman to have a solo exhibition at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art, and exhibited her paintings at the White House three times.


For Black History Month, Religion students at Sister Annata Brockman are exploring the theme of "Unity Across Races." Each student researched a notable person who has shaped Black History and then answered the question "What will I do for unity?"  


Students from St. Nicholas Catholic Junior High School are sharing traditional dishes with their peers to educate and celebrate the rich culture of Black Canadians during Black History Month. The students were invited to pick their favourite cultural recipe and teach them how to make it in foods class. Showcasing wonderful dishes from around the world provides students with a unique way to celebrate the beautiful diversity in the Black community and in their school.

In honour of Black History Month, St. Vladimir Catholic Elementary School launched a school-wide project to celebrate the diversity of its entire student population. Self-portraits were created using “Colours of the World” crayons, which are designed to represent skin tones from around the world.


St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School held its first-ever Black Shirt Day. The idea of Black Shirt Day was created by Grade 5 students as a way to celebrate Black History Month. On February 28th, the Grade 5 team encouraged the school to wear black shirts in honour of Black History Month. The class explained Black Shirt Day as an outward way to show support for the importance of Black history in Canada. They created hand-drawn and digital posters to display around their school to spread the word.

The class also highlighted notable Black Canadians from the past and present by featuring them in student-led videos shared during the school’s morning broadcast. The videos highlighted their achievements and contributions to Canadian society. The St. Kateri Grade 5’s hope to inspire other schools to honour Black History Month in their own ways.


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