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Positive Behaviour Supports

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What is PBS (Positive Behaviour Supports)?

Positive Behaviour Supports (PBS) is designed for students who are struggling with behaviours in the regular classroom environment and require more intensive and personalized programming to ensure that they succeed with their learning. PBS is transitional programming that enables the learning team to understand the student better, analyze behaviors, develop strategies that are reviewed daily to ensure their effectiveness, and personalize programming with the goal to re-engage the student in their learning through a strength based program in a rich, welcoming environment.


  • provide for deeper personalized learning and personal profiling of students 
  • focus on strength based programming 
  • have intensive intervention and analyze behaviours 
  • have a rich and welcoming environment that focuses on inquiry and project-based learning 
  • look at students holistically – the learning team members work together to build a learner profile 
  • liaison with other community supports as needed 
  • are rich with assistive technology 
  • offer family programming opportunities 
  • work in partnership with the community school to ensure successful transitions for students back to their regular classroom 
  • support professional learning opportunities for the community school team 
  • focus on the 10 key elements of support for students with behavior disabilities as outlined by Alberta Education


Students with challenging behavioural needs are always supported first at their community school. If additional, intensive supports and intervention are required, a conversation begins with the school, inclusive consultant, specialists, and parents. 

The typical school environment, with traditional scheduling and programming, may not be suitable for all students. The environment itself may be a factor in amplifying behaviours. 

In a PBS environment, we develop an in-depth understanding of the student to develop a personalized plan to meet their learning needs with additional specialized services.


CFDL @ St. Gabriel School
5540 106 Avenue
Edmonton, AB

Admission into PBS is based on:

  •  A referral made in consultation with the community school, parents, Inclusive Consultant, Specialists, and PBS staff.
  • Priority may be given based on severity of skill deficits, other supports available, and additional factors.
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