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City of Edmonton Programs:

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What are your current cleaning practices at recreation centres? Regular cleanings during operating hours: Disinfecting high touch areas multiple times throughout the day. That includes entrance glass, viewing area surfaces, counters, door knobs, push plates, lockers, handrails, vending machines, fitness equipment, drinking fountains, seating areas, etc.

University of Alberta Camps:


Camps | University of Alberta

Green & Gold Sport Camps provide participants with a fun-filled and memorable developmental experience, and offer an ideal blend of sport-specific and general athletic development.. Learn more »

Active for Life:


Raising physically literate kids | Kids Activities - Active For Life

In a world where children are sedentary, over-scheduled, and less likely to play outside, Active for Life helps parents raise physically literate kids. At, parents, educators, and coaches will find fun activities, engaging articles, and free resources to get kids active, healthy and happy.

Alberta Health Services:


Embrace nature - Get ideas that work - Take Action - Healthier Together Schools

Embracing nature weaves nature and the outdoors into instructional time, daily activities, and play and leisure at school. During COVID-19, be sure to incorporate routine public health practices, and contact your AHS public health inspector if you have questions.. Let learning bloom

City of Edmonton Day Camps:


Edmonton River Valley Trail Maps:


River Valley Trail Maps | City of Edmonton

Accessibility. Designed to support mobility for all, these maps provide information on trails and trail slope or grade (degree of steepness). Paved trails in the River Valley Parks are 2.5m to 3m wide asphalt surfaces with a yellow centre line.

Reach Edmonton:

Child Services Map – REACH Edmonton

Leadership: a set of varying skills that help a person influence and motivate others. LGBTQS+: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two-Spirit, Plus. An acronym used to refer to members and allies of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Mental Health: a person’s state of emotional, psychological, and social well-being—a person’s ability to thrive. ...

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