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Soccer Academy


The intent of the St. Edmund Soccer Academy is to facilitate the overall technical, physical, and psychological development of young soccer players. 

Our program is curricular based and follows the age and ability appropriate training principles of the Canadian Soccer Association's (CSA), "Wellness to World Cup, Long Term Player Development" model. 

We are mindful of the need to provide all of our students with opportunities to learn life skills, develop and strengthen their individual characters, and follow a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.  

Program Eligibility

The St. Edmund Soccer Academy is open to students in grades 4 through 9. Students must maintain good academic progress in all subjects throughout the course of the school year. The academy expects students to maintain or improve on their academic standing upon entering the program. Please refer to Academics and the Soccer Academy for more information.

There are two program streams in our Academy:

  1. Students are beginner entry-level players or  play community soccer.
  2. Students must presently play on an organized/club soccer team.

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