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Our Patron Saint

​​St. Edmund school traces its name back to the first pastor of St. Edmund parish, Father Edmund Gaborit s.c.j. The parish and the school were both named after his patron St. Edmund of Abingdon.

St. Edmund, the eldest of four children, was born in 1170, in England. Shortly after his birth, he became extremely sick and was thought to have died, however, on being baptised, he immediately recovered. He appeared to be an ordinary child except for the fact that he felt drawn to long periods of prayer.

At the age of twelve, Edmund went to Oxford to study and eventually returned there to teach in the areas of mathematics and theology. He received his doctorate and was later ordained a priest. In 1234, he was named Archbishop of Canterbury and was reputed to be a man of virtuous life who experienced heavenly visitations.

His uncompromising stand for justice brought him in conflict with King Henry III, and he was forced to flee to France where he spent his time writing and preaching.

Edmund died on November 16, 1240. So many miracles occurred after his death that he was proclaimed a saint within six years.

St. Edmund is a valuable model for our Catholic school because he personifies the charisms of intellectual pursuit and spiritual development.​

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