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St. Edmund offers a number of exceptional academic and athletic programs for students in north Edmonton:

International Baccalaureate Programmes

Sports Academy Programs

Extracurricular Programs

  • Senior and junior interschool athletics teams
  • Various clubs and activities

For more information, please visit our 100 Voices, IB Programmes and Sports Academy pages or contact the following school personnel:

Principal: Fernando Runco (780-453-1596)

IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator: Laura Manucci (780-453-1596)

IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator: Valentina Padovani (780-453-1596)

Recreation Academy Director: Leroy Knorr (780-453-1596)

Hockey Academy Director: Umberto Fiorillo (780-453-1596)

Soccer Academy Coordinator: Rita McKinnon (780-453-1596)

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