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BCR Dancers

All students, from Kindergarten to Grade 9, receive Traditional Dance and Métis jigging instruction, as part of their Physical Education Program.

Students also get the opportunity to show their skills at various on site and off site performances, including the Ben Calf Robe Pow Wow held every Spring, where they have the opportunity to show off what they have learned. Students from Kindergarten to grade Nine make the school proud of their abilities and share that with others.

The Students who want regalia are shown how to make them and can use school equipment to complete the work. Parents are encouraged to help make regalia if students are too small to do so and the school keeps a small supply of regalia on hand, for loan, for students who's regalia is not yet complete.

Students have embraced the opportunity to socialize using fun traditional methods. They enjoy the dances of their ancestor and the company of others who share that joy.​
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