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Catholic Faith


Our Mission

To provide a holistic, culturally relevant Catholic education that builds on the strengths and values of Aboriginal families, which will inspire our students to learn, work, to live fully and to serve God in one another.

Our Vision Academic Achievement

To ensure educational programming that prepares our students to meet academic standards as prescribed by Alberta Education.

To inspire a sense of pride in our students about being well-educated. Aboriginal Cultural Infusion

To deliver educational programming that integrates Aboriginal traditions and realities.

To develop cultural sensitivity and knowledge of Aboriginal traditions, thus deepening the student’s understanding of being Aboriginal and permeating the delivery of curricular objectives.

To nurture a sense of pride in belonging to the Aboriginal community by instilling awareness through wisdom, work, and respect which leads to the discovery of language, history and faith teachings. Community and parental involvement.

To foster collaborative partnerships and communication between parents, guardians, school, Church, the greater Aboriginal community, the community at large, and government agencies.

To offer the parents and members of the greater Aboriginal community opportunities for involvement and participation in fostering a love of lifelong learning for all students.

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