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English Language Program

This academic program follows the requirements set by Alberta Learning.

French Immersion Program

This program is designed to teach French to Anglophones where functional bilingualism is the desired goal. In Immersion programs the student "lives" a significant part of the school experience in the second language. Sixty percent (60%) of the program is taught in the French language. Entry to this program is at the primary school level and ours is a continuation of the elementary program.

Inclusive Knowledge and Employability Program

This program is for students who have experienced difficulty in learning. The focus of the K & E core courses is on the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for everyday living at home, in the community and on the job. While basic skill development in the core courses is directed to improving students' abilities in communication, computation and social relationships, the practical arts/occupational courses provide opportunities for students to apply these abilities. Admission into the program is determined through an application to the district.
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