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School Pride

École St. Cecilia School PrideTiger.png
All students will learn!

  1. We have a highly trained and caring staff, dedicated to helping students learn and grow. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of worth, responsibility, self respect, and respect for others. Our student support services include a social worker (Family School Liaison worker), First Nation Metis Inuit social worker, Student Team Advisor for Youth (STAY) and a Success Coach.

  2. Our complementary program has a wide variety of exciting courses designed to enhance our students' experience.

  3. 21st Century Learning is alive in our school with three computer labs, a student computer in all classrooms, smart boards, video projectors and document cameras. Our school continues to be a leader in technology. Students have access to Wi-Fi and are able to bring their personal devices to classes to enhance their learning. Students have access to an extensive array of research and performance software. Assistive learning technology, on-line video resources, and high speed internet compliment our instruction. We continue to work with our students on digital citizenship, and awareness of limitations and safe online practices.

  4. Tiger Pride is at the heart of our school spirit. Students and staff come together to celebrate through a variety of special events, sports and religious activities.

  5. The Learning Resource Center/Library is a fabulous location that encourages students to select from a wide variety of reading resources. Students can choose from either English or French resources and can also access this center at lunch.

  6. Students have access to a well equipped fitness center that is supervised by teachers during physical education classes.

  7. We have an excellent interschool sports program: volleyball, basketball, badminton, soccer, cross-country running, wrestling, slo-pitch, curling, and track and field for both boys and girls. We offer a junior and a senior team in most sports.

  8. Our lunch hour intramural program is outstanding. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports activities and clubs.

  9. We are blessed with a caring community that actively supports school policies, programs, and activities, and a School Council, which provides a valuable liaison between the school and our parent community.cross bible.png

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