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Accelerated Math & Science Program

Banner%20-%20AMS.pngSt. Cecilia is excited to offer this program to both our English and French Immersion students!

The Accelerated Math and Science program is a math and science focus program for students in Grades 7-9. The program offers students the opportunity to specialize their focus in mathematics and/or science and is specially designed for those who have a love for learning, enjoy being challenged, and love solving problems in unique or creative ways! The accelerated program is structured in a way that allows students to complete the Grade 7-9 Program of Studies along with Math 10C/Science 10 in three years. Students will enter High School with credit in Math 10C and Science 10.

The program is designed for students who enjoy a challenge and are capable of learning at a faster pace than that of the regular classroom. It provides students with the opportunity to complete Math 10C and Science 10 in Grade 9. Course requirements are rigorous and students are commonly required to spend more time working outside of class to be successful. See the distribution of outcomes and the pacing guide link below to see what students can expect throughout the program.

Distribution%20of%20Outcomes.pngGrade 7 - Mathematics Pacing Guidelines

Students will consistently have the opportunity to review and "fine tune" their understanding of the learning objective since the Alberta Mathematics curriculum follows a spiraling format. Advanced Math and Science Grade 9 students, even though having an advantage, will continue to write the Mathematics and Science Provincial Achievement Tests.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the program will be based on the following criteria:

  • Achieve a standard of excellence on the entrance exam(s). The entrance exams are based on the Grade 6 learner outcomes and skills and extend into the Grade 7 Math and/or Science learner outcomes.
  • The student will have demonstrated an overall standard of excellence in Math and/or Science in Grade 6.
  • The student's past report cards will indicate not only academic ability but also strong organization and work habits.
  • Require recommendation from their Grade 6 teacher(s) providing information about:
    • Academic achievement / ability
    • Work habits / Organizational skills
    • Motivation / Effort
    • Ability to work independently

Prospective students must meet entrance requirements and successfully complete the entrance exam(s).
This process is in place to ensure that École St. Cecilia's Accelerated Math and Science Program is a right fit for your child.

Only 33 students will be admitted to this program, in both the English program and the French Immersion program.
Registration links will be available below when registration is open. Please  contact us if you have any questions - we would be happy to assist.

Entrance Exams 2023-2024

Registration will open after our Open House on February 23, 2024. 
Click the link below  to sign your child up to write the entrance exam(s). 
Exam length is approximately 2 hours.
Be sure to select the correct program when registering for the entrance exam(s).

Link to sign up will be posted here on February 24.

Exam Dates:
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Continuation in the Program

Student performance and program recommendations will be reviewed regularly to ensure the student meets the Program of Studies learning requirements. Any decision to have a student discontinue the program will be made at the end of the school year.

Students are only eligible to enter the program in Grade 7 due to the organization and delivery of curricular outcomes.

Informational Video

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