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Student Leadership


École St. Cecilia Catholic Junior High School provides students with many leadership opportunities.

They include our Student Leadership Team, our Faith Leadership Team, and our Phys Ed Leadership Team. These students work with Lead Teachers and our Administration Team to plan a variety of events & religious celebrations that make St. Cecilia a great place to be!


Student Leadership Team

These students are always feeling the pulse of the school and bringing ideas for themes days and activities back to the Lead Teachers and the Administration Team. They track "homeroom points" for our ongoing friendly competition between homerooms and do all the legwork to organize various activities. They are also involved in our social justice intiatives and build in fundraising for the ECSD foundation into the great activities they plan for us. They have organized many theme days and help organize school-wide events. They keep things light & fun.


Faith Leadership Team

These students work with our school chaplain to organize religious celebrations - they build presentations, select music, volunteer for readings, and produce the celebration for the entire school. They work closely with Fr. Glenn & Fr. Julian, our district chaplains to help our school community grow in faith. Theyhelp maintain our classroom prayer tables up to date with the liturgical calendar. They also assist in supporting many social justice initiatives our school takes on.


Phys Ed Leadership Team

These students keep our Tigers physically fit and active all while encouraging some friendly competition between homerooms. They help set up and take down the gym for intramurals and they referee. They help organize much needed Mental Health Days, throughout the year, for our entire school community. They keep us hopping & on our toes!

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