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Core & Complementary Courses

Within all Catholic schools, the curriculum within all of its aspects - content, the teahing process, and the school environment - reflect the values of faith, hope, charity, forgiveness, and justice found in the gospels and the message of Jesus Christ.

Teachers make numerous decisions when planning classroom instruction for students with a range individual strengths and needs. To do so, teachers use the Alberta Program of Studies that provides them with learning outcomes each student must achieve. Teachers choose resources and materials that will help students achieve these outcomes. Teaching methods and schedules may vary from school to school and from class to class. This allows us to meet the diverse learning needs of our students.

École St. Cecilia Junior High offers all mandatory core courses as well as an extensive selection of complementary courses. Of course, as a Catholic school, we continually integrate gospel values and nurture the presence of God within the curriculum so our students continue to develop academically and grow in their faith journey. 

Why do we offer complementary courses? Well, the primary purpose of complementary courses is to give students the oppotunity to expand, explore, and develop personal interests, talents, aptitudes, and skills. Students should choose complementary courses that are of genuine interest to them. École St. Cecilia Junior High has the ability to allow students to experience an exciting variety of complementary courses across various subject areas. This helps reinforce our students' special gifts and lets them explore new areas of interest. 

    Core Courses
    Comlementary Courses
  • English Language Arts
  • French Language Arts (Fr.Imm. only)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • Health & Life Skills
  • Instrumental Music - Band
  • Choral Music
  • General Music - Guitar
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Communication Technology - Media Design & Digital Makerspace
  • Computer Science - eSports
  • Construction & Fabrication
  • Design Studies - Science & Technology Focus
  • Environmental Stewardship - Outdoor Ed
  • Fashion Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Foods
  • Recreation Leadership - Sports Performance Focus
  • Recreation Leadership - Grade 9 Phys Ed Leadership
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