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Accelerated Math and Science - Division Focus Program

To be notified about our entrance exam time and dates, please complete the attached form.

Accelerated Mathematics and Science Programs

Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, École St. Cecilia is excited to announce the commencement of our Accelerated Math and Science Programs. The programs will offer a rigorous, thorough, and specialized focus in Mathematics and Science. It is designed for students who have a love for learning, appreciate a challenge and who have a strong work ethic.

Our programs will be offered to incoming Grade 7 students in September 2021 and will continue to expand to the next grade level as the students progress through to Grade 8 and 9. Students can enroll in both programs or simply one of the two.

After completing our 3-year program, successful students will have finished the junior high curriculum AND will have completed the Math 10C and/or Science 10 curriculum. Successful students will receive high school credit upon the completion of their designated program. Completing high school courses in junior high will give students the ability to pursue additional academic or complementary courses and flexibility with their high school schedule. They will also begin high school with an understanding of high school course work expectations and have gained curricular confidence to achieve even higher grades.

In the 3-year program, students will learn more curricular content at a quicker pace. The diagram below gives an example of the educational pace students can expect.

Students will consistently have the opportunity to review and "fine tune" their understanding of the learning objective since the Alberta Mathematics curriculum follows a spiraling format. Advanced Math and Science Grade 9 students, even though having an advantage, will continue to write the Mathematics and Science Provincial Achievement Tests.

Prospective students must meet entrance requirements and successfully complete an entrance exam.
This process is in place to ensure that École St. Cecilia's Accelerated Math and Science Program is a right fit for your child.
Only 33 students will be admitted to this program. Registration is now open.

Registration Forms & Helpful Information

Accelerated Math and Science
Program Goals & Admission Criteria
How to Apply to
École St. Cecilia Junior High
École St. Cecilia Junior High
Application Checklist

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Mathematics in Alberta - How does math work in the real world? 


  • Exceptional promise is not a fixed trait; rather it is fluid, dynamic, and can grow and be developed; it also varies by topic
  • Exceptional promise is evenly distributed across geographic , demographic, and economic boundaries
  • Growing and leveraging such promise is essential for our society to thrive


  • demonstrate patterns of focused interest?
  • eager to try more complex problems or extensions?
  • solve problems in different or creative ways?
  • good at explaining complex concepts to others or at demonstrating other ways they can understand material?
  • demonstrate a strong interest in the material?


  1. Students with exceptional promise must receive differentiated instruction in an engaging way that ignites and enhances their passions and challenges them to continue to make progress both in school and beyond.
  2. They must have a variety of learning opportunities, both in and outside of school, to develop and expand their mathematical and scientific talents, creativity, and passions.
  3. Learning experiences may include: formal courses, extracurricular clubs/circles/competitions, and being mentored or mentoring those with similar interests and talents.
  4. These learning experiences must allow for individual mathematical and scientific development along with a collective mathematical and scientific engagement.

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