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General Information

Our Motto

"A Place of Welcome!"

Our Mission

St. Catherine School is a multi cultural community that provides a Christ-Centred, Catholic environment.  Inspired by God and based on the teachings of Christ, the school is a welcoming and nurturing setting where students can deepen their relationship with God.  Through the teachings of Christ, students celebrate their belonging, grow in faith and serve God and the community through acts of service. Guided by the Holy Spirit, students are provided with diverse opportunities to learn about the world through academics, the arts and physical education.

Our Vision

In order to develop the intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional growth of our students, we are committed to providing opportunities that foster life-long collaborative, critical and creative thinking skills.

Year Round Schooling

Edmonton Catholic Schools has three schools offering a year round schooling calendar. These schools balance their instructional days into four terms with vacation breaks between each of the terms. The number of instructional days for students is exactly the same for both the year round calendar and the traditional calendar.

Year round schooling gives parents in Edmonton Catholic Schools another choice for their children's education and reduces the concern of learning loss over a longer summer break.

Our Namesake

St. Catherine of Siena (March 25, 1347 - April 29, 1380)

Our patron saint was born in Siena, Italy. She was the daughter of a dyer and the youngest child in a family of twenty-five children. At the age of six, she had a vision of Christ in glory, surrounded by His saints. From that time on she spent most of her life in prayer and meditation, over the opposition of her parents, who wanted her to be more like the average girls in her social class. Eventually they accepted her requests, and at the age of sixteen she joined the Third Order of St. Dominic, where she became a nurse, caring for patients with leprosy and advanced cancer who other nurses disliked to treat. Though always suffering in terrible physical pain, living for long intervals on practically no food, except for the Blessed Sacrament, she was ever radiantly happy and full of practical wisdom.

St Catherine began to acquire a reputation as a person of insight and sound judgement, and many persons from all walks of life sought her spiritual advice, both in person and by letter. She persuaded many priests who were living in luxury to give away their worldly goods and to live simply.
In her day, the popes did not live in Rome, but had been living for about seventy years at Avignon in France, where they were under the political powers of the King of France. In 1376 Catherine visited Avignon and told Pope Gregory XI that he had no business living away from Rome. The Pope heeded her advice and moved back to Rome.
St. Catherine is known (1) as a mystic, a contemplative who devoted herself to prayer, (2) as a humanitarian, a nurse who undertook to alleviate the suffering of the poor and the sick; (3) as an activist, a renewer of Church and society. She took a strong stand on the issues affecting society in her day, and never hesitated (in the old Quaker phrase) "to speak truth to power". She was also known as an advisor and counsellor, with a wide range of interests, who always made time for troubled and uncertain persons who told her their problems – large and trivial, religious and secular.

Key Features

  • Safe and caring learning environment
  • Closed campus
  • Kindergarten with Full-Day Programing (Kindergarten & Extensions)
  • Diverse multicultural student population creates a culture of acceptance and respect
  • Inclusive Education that meets the learning needs of all our students
  • English as a Second Language education in all grades
  • Wide variety of supports for city-center children: Snack program, breakfast program, concession for Junior High, free bus service for students in catchment area
  • 21st century digital learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Catholic liturgical celebrations
  • Catholic religious education
  • Guitar, world, and choral music
  • Community Outreach Programs:
    • EISA Homework Club (Tuesdays)


  • Connections to: EISA worker (Tuesdays) helping newcomers, RCSD, and other community groups
  • Aboriginal Learning Services Support
  • Precious Angels Daycare on-site
  • ELL services from One World One Center
  • Translators from One World One Center
  • FSLW (Family Social Liaison Worker) provides support to students and families. Helps connect to community resources.
  • If you require a letter for proof of attendance for CRA, please use this link: 
  • Our School Plan for Continuous Growth St Catherine School Plan 2020-2023 Final.docx
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