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Catholic Faith

St. Alphonsus Catholic Church

11828-85 Street

Edmonton, AB, T5B 3E9

780 474-5434

Mass Times

DayTimeLanguageEvent Type
Saturday4:00 PMEnglishMass
Sunday11:00 AMEnglishMass
Thursday9:00 AMEnglishMass


St. Alphonsus School celebrates and lives the Catholic faith through daily prayer, liturgical celebrations, religion classes and working closely with St. Alphonsus Catholic Church.  The school environment reflects the symbols of our faith and the liturgical seasons.  Our faith is permeated throughout the day and reflected in our welcoming environment.  We are a school where mercy is practiced through caring for each other, forgiveness and patient perseverance.  Staff participate in ongoing faith formation at the school and at district events.  We are a community living the joy of the gospel.


Our Patron St. Alphonsus


Alphonsus Liguori was the son of Joseph, a navy captain, and Anna, a woman devoted to her family, her community, and God. Alphonsus was encouraged by his father to seek worldly honours. Alphonsus became a famous lawyer and got more cases than he could handle.

When he lost a very important case, he came to see the uselessness of worldly glory and power and riches. He vowed to become a priest so as to devote all his life, energy and talents to work and to care for the most abandoned and the most needy people.

Alphonsus’ one driving force was his love for God: “All holiness is to love God; but to love God is to do God’s will. To do God’s will is to do what Jesus did.” Alphonsus therefore urged his own friends and everyone to work at becoming more and more like Jesus and work for God’s reign as Jesus did. Alphonsus realized his own weakness and dependency on prayer and encouraged everyone to lead a life of prayer.

Alphonsus died in 1787 (age ninety-one). In 1839 he was declared a saint. Saint Alphonsus is the Doctor of Moral Theology.

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