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Extracurricular Music

The SJT Tour Band has traveled to various cities and competed in several festival competitions and received great recognition. The Grade 7 Honour Band has also earned high praise for its performances. Students at SJT also have the opportunity to join Choir and Jazz Band. Mrs. Morel is the director for all music ensembles at SJT.

The SJT Tour Band is a large ensemble of auditioned, high-level musicians in grade 8 and 9 who perform music of a high degree of difficulty and complexity. This requires individual students to be technically proficient on their instruments, be dedicated to personal growth and excellence, and to demonstrate exceptional team-work. The concept of the ensemble is integral to the Tour Band and follows the philosophy of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. The Tour Band functions as an ambassador of Sir John Thompson School, and is expected to perform at school events, in the community, as well as in a festival (competition) environment.

The goals of the Tour Band are:

  • To develop creative, technical, aural and ensemble skills on wind and percussion instruments in a large ensemble setting;
  • To develop interpersonal skills required for effective ensemble sound and performance;
  • To provide opportunities for meaningful, high quality public performances in the school and community;
  • To establish the foundation for life-long involvement and enjoyment of music.

The SJT Honour Band is a group of selected grade 7 students who have shown an interest and passion for music. This group meets two lunches a week to play more difficult and interesting music. The Honour Band serves as an opportunity for students to get used to playing in large ensembles and performing in public. This ensemble directly prepares students for Tour Band (which they can audition for at the end of grade 7), and so it has the same goals.
The SJT Jazz Band is a new group made of students from all grades who want to enrich their Band experience through the learning of various styles of music not covered in regular class. Some of the styles learned in jazz band include: swing, rock, latin, and improvisatory jazz music.
The SJT Choir is an ensemble from all grades who meet once a week to sing different styles of music that vary from sacred music for school masses and celebrations, to popular selections for concerts. The main purpose of the choir is to give students a place to express themselves through vocal music in a group setting.

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