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*Please note that you can contact your teachers by selecting their name in PowerSchool.

M. Comba- Social, Foods
Teacher (7A Homeroom)
L. Stetson- LA, ReligionTeacher (7B Homeroom)
T. Petryga- Health, Religion, OptionsTeacher (7C Homeroom)
B. Koester - Science, Math, Religion, Health
Teacher (7D Homeroom)
M. Berube- Social, French
Teacher (7E Homeroom)
K. Corbett - LA, EAP, ReligionTeacher (8A Homeroom)
K. Engebretson - Science, PE, CTFTeacher (8B Homeroom)
A. Chasse- (Dept, Head PE/Athletics) - Science, Social, Rec Leadership, PETeacher (8C Homeroom)
K. Pisani- Math, EAP, PETeacher (8D Homeroom)
T. Shapka - Science
Teacher (8E Homeroom)
L. Fraser - (Dept. Head) - ScienceTeacher (9A Homeroom)
J. Luukkonen (Dept. Head, TECH lead) - Social, Film, ReligionTeacher (9B Homeroom)
N. Profiri-Mathers- (LA, EAP, PE)Teacher (9C Homeroom)
C. McCullough- (Dept. Head) - Math, EAPTeacher  (9D Homeroom)
C. Martin - Music
LA, Religion, Music
J. Paplawski
Family School Coordinator
B. Griffin
Family School Liaison Coordinator (Social Worker)
I. Ricioppo-Esposito - (PE, REL)
Learning Coach and ELL Coordinator

P. ClarkeEducational Assistant
K. DavidHead Custodian
G. HosahenaSenior Custodian
K. FunnellAdministrative Support -Clerk
A. RivaAdministrative Support 
K. MolyneuxAssistant Principal
K. KaupPrincipal

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