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Welcome to the Sir John Thompson community!  Sir John Thompson is a grade 7-9 Junior High School with a strong reputation of academic excellence in a Christ-centered community that helps each of our students grow in their unique gifts and talents.  Our mission is to instill our students with the spirit of Christ in the pursuit of knowledge as they excel in their studies where we collaboratively embrace innovation and learning opportunities for successful life-long learning.

Sir John Thompson is widely known throughout North Edmonton as an academic school that offers a wide range of complementary courses and extracurricular opportunities.  Sir John Thompson has a rich history of social justice and charitable endeavors, most notably the Sign of Hope Kids’ Care Challenge which we believe helps all our students to grow in their maturity by helping those less fortunate than themselves as they become the fantastic young men and women of tomorrow.

Our school continuously surpasses provincial standards of achievement in academic performance and is known as one of Edmonton Catholic School District’s top Academic schools.  We offer an Enhanced Academic Program (formerly the Advanced Placement Program) which is seen as an optimum route for university preparation, providing enriched and challenging academic courses that parallel and expand on the material covered in our regular curriculum.

Please click on these informative videos to learn about our EAP program.

EAP Language Arts

EAP Social Studies

EAP Science

EAP Math

                                 Sir John Thompson June 2019 PAT results.

PAT results bar graph.jpg

Provincial Achievement Results (PAT's) by school throughout Alberta.

View all schools results in Alberta by clicking here!

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Key Features of our school:

  • Consistently excellent high academic results
  • Students drawn from throughout the city
  • Student selected ILearn sessions every Thursday
  • Popular Foods program
  • Strong athletic program with 14 teams
  • Physical Education Leadership program
  • Jazz and concert band in a comprehensive music program
  • Student Leadership program
  • Comprehensive CTF (Career and Technology Focus) program
  • Art program
  • Dedicated staff and highly supportive Parent Council
  • Safe and caring environment

*Please take a look at our Student Handbook*

Handbook 2022-2023.docx

At Sir John Thompson we are very proud of our school’s Catholic traditions and values.  Together we are confident that our students will mature and develop their sense of spirituality through celebrations, regular reflection, and service to others in a Christ centered community that honors our namesake Sir John Thompson the first Catholic Prime Minister of Canada.

We wish everyone a fantastic school year and look forward to welcoming new students for the 2022-2023 school year!  For more information please visit our website at:

Kelly Kaup


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