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Recreation Leadership 9

Recreation Leadership 9 program will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to be effective young leaders within the school and surrounding community.  This course is meant to encourage students to learn how to successfully plan, organize, and implement programs in the school and community. Developing these skills will facilitate students in becoming positive life-long contributors to our society. PE Leadership allows participation in a variety of activities in the areas of team building, self-awareness, communication skills, and group roles & responsibilities.

We believe that our bodies, intellects, and talents are gifts of God. Our response to these gifts is gratitude that finds expression in taking care of, enhancing, and developing these gifts for our own sake and the sake of the community. Participation in learning about leadership helps students develop and share their strengths, grow in interpersonal skills and learn and refine qualities like loyalty, perseverance, dependability, and respect.  Leadership skills help build spiritual and religious character through attitudes, work habits, priorities, and relationships. 

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