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The aim of the program of studies for French as a Second Language is to encourage the learning of French as a means of communication and as an integral part of students’ general education. This orientation, in which French is not only the subject, but also the medium of instruction, promotes a multidimensional approach composed of four component experience/communication, culture, language and general language education.

It is widely known that language studies are an excellent way to prepare yourself academically for High School and the world beyond.  We strongly encourage our students and parents to continue their studies in our French program.

It has evolved from and retains many of the strengths of traditional approaches in second language teaching, but at the same time, it incorporates the experiential aspect of language learning.

  1. Experience/Communication - students participate in various language experiences that will enable them to express, in French, their experiences, ideas and feelings.
  2. Culture - students seek information on and understand different aspects of Francophone culture in Canada and elsewhere with a view to broadening their awareness of these cultures.
  3. Language - students understand and use the sound symbol system, vocabulary grammar and discourse features to fulfill their communicative intents in various situations.
  4. General Language Education - students become aware of the nature of learning and its role in the students’ development.
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