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The Food Studies program at Sir John Thompson provide students with the opportunity to develop life-long skills in areas indispensable to everyday life. Whether the focus is on career and technology development or just on ways to make life a little easier, the skills and knowledge acquired during this program are an integral part of life. By focusing on challenges that individuals and families experience on a daily basis, these programs have the potential to improve the quality of students’ lives.

Grade 7 Food Studies introduces students to basic food safety, basic kitchen equipment, and reading and following recipes. The students are involved in a number of different food labs, which may include Simple Snacks, Healthy Smoothies, and Baking Basics.

Grade 8 & 9 Food Studies continue to develop these skills, further focusing on meal planning and nutrition, and other cooking techniques.  The students complete food modules, which may include Baking Basics, Simple Snacks and Appetizers, Fast, Healthy and Convenience Foods, Cultural and Ethnic Foods or Meal Planning for Enjoyment. 

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