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School Fees

 School fees for Grade 7 will be approximately $150.00 broken down by a General fee of $60.00 that every student pays and then fees for options courses that are mandatory.

Grade 8/9 fees are the General fee that every student pays of $60.00 plus additional fees for the option courses the student is assigned.

The General fee of $60.00 is broken down by: site license for Grade 7-9 fee is $14.00, electronic device user fee Grade 7-9 is $37.00 and the Leadership whole school activities fee Grades 7-9 is $9.00.  All of this information is in the attached document below.

Please see the attached document below explaining the school fee breakdown.

207-2122-GovSchoolFees SJT.pdf


Please call the office if you have any questions regarding this document.

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