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Our Lady of Mount Carmel Soccer Academy

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"Shaping Quality Players and People" 



The Mount Carmel Soccer Academy fosters student excellence in academics and sport performance.  This program is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through the medium of sport and facilitate the development of the student athlete’s athletic ability. 


Mount Carmel’s soccer academy allows the student-athlete access to a complete academic program while providing the opportunity to train in a sport-specific program during the school day. This creates an ideal environment for athletes to balance the demands of an academic program with a desire to excel in soccer


  • Our Goal at the Mount Carmel Soccer Academy is to provide each student-athlete an opportunity to pursue excellence in both academics and soccer.
  • We strive to have student-athletes improve and develop the technical, physical, mental and tactical demands of the game.
  • We challenge every individual to play the game of soccer at a level required to compete at the local, club, provincial and ultimately the national level.
  • Throughout the program and training, students improve their time management, independence and organizational skills. All required to achieve his/her soccer goal/s
  • Provide a positive and individualized experience to assist the student-athlete in their total development.

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