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French Immersion

ECSFRENCH[2].jpgÉcole Holy Cross is a single-track French Immersion school.  Anyone can register and attend the French Immersion program at École Holy Cross. Children do not need to know French to be in in French Immersion. We welcome all students.

The French Immersion program is designed with non-French speaking families in mind while enriching and complementing a child's first language. The program was built on the foundation of giving English speaking students the opportunity to become bilingual.  

Students in the French Immersion program follow the Alberta Program of Studies. This is the program that is taught throughout Alberta, but the outcomes are taught in French. Students do not receive formal instruction in English Language Arts until their Grade 2 year.

Teachers in the French Immersion program know that the home will most likely not be source of French vocabulary, and that is where the focus is in class.  We know the home can be a great support for any and all transferable skills - reading, writing, and numeracy skills are all transferable. Homework tasks are always started in class with a teacher who has guided your child so that they are successful to complete it at home. 

Parent-teacher conferences are held in English and report cards are always written in English.

ECSD French Immersion Information

ECSD Supporting Second Language Learners at Home


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