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Student Athletics

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Our school is represented by junior and senior level teams in a variety of sports. École Holy Cross Crusaders have won many championships over the years. We are proud of our tradition of excellence, integrity and fair play.

File:Football (Soccer).JPG - Wikimedia Commons SOCCER
The soccer season runs approximately 2 months in the early fall. The athletes practice 1-2 times a week, with weekly matches. The sport of soccer is considered to be a game of dexterity and a great way to learn balance. The experience of playing soccer provides an opportunity for athletes to strategize and work on team-building skills. The athletes learn respect, sportsmanship, endurance and a love for teamwork. 

Badminton Shuttlecock on racket free imageBADMINTON
École Holy Cross Crusaders thrive on being versatile athletes who adapt quickly to thrive in a variety of game situations. This is most easily depicted in the intensely speedy and agile sport of badminton. The École Holy Cross Badminton team consists of a group of sixteen athletes composed of eight girls and eight boys. While the season is a short one, lasting only four weeks in April and one week in May, it is an action-packed time and a great opportunity for player skill development. Categories of play include Boys' and Girls' Singles, Boys' and Girls' Doubles and Mixed Doubles. 

Free Images : landscape, structure, lane, stadium, baseball field, sports, race track, sprint, estevan, sport venue, track and field athletics 2592x1944 - - 705172 - Free stock photos - PxHereTRACK AND FIELD
École Holy Cross' Track Team has a long standing tradition of inclusion and participation. All who wish to join are provided with an opportunity to perform in one or more athletic events of interest. The Track and Field experience encourages athletes to push themselves beyond their comfort zones to their potential under the tutelage of several coaches. The team sizes vary from year to year ranging from 30-40 students. École Holy Cross prides itself in bringing one of the biggest teams in our zone.The individual nature of the competitive events is starkly contrasted by our team practices where all athletes support and push each other to improve themselves and their teammates. The season starts in early May with morning and lunch practices and culminates in a zone competition and a city final in early June.

80+ Free Volleyball Team & Volleyball Photos - PixabayVOLLEYBALL
The volleyball season begins in October and ends in December. Players are also able to participate in tournament opportunities at high schools around the district for inter-division match experience. The emphasis of the Senior program is the development of foundational skills and strategies that will prepare athletes for their High School tryouts should they choose to pursue further growth in the sport. The program has inspired many École Holy Cross alumni to carry established skills into their High School experiences or even continue the sport at a higher-level club play outside of school sponsored events. Crusader Volleyballers live to learn and grow to their potential! We never forgot the importance of respect and tolerance towards our teammates, coaches, opposing players and referees. Throughout the program, the players build on their communication skills and sportsmanship attitude. These skills can not only be applied as athletes but as every day individuals. We offer a balanced program and ensure everyone is a part of our volleyball community.

Basket Ball Sport - Free image on PixabayBASKETBALL
Crusader Basketball consists of boys' and girls'  junior and senior teams. Seasons are approximately 3 to 4 months long and practices are twice a week. Join in for the thrill and get the skill building opportunity!  The whole École Holy Cross community is very proud of all the basketball players, for not only improving their skills as athletes at every practice and every game, but also for demonstrating incredible dedication and respect. Keep up the good work Crusaders!!

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