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Power School

Dear Parents, 

Edmonton Catholic Schools continue to work toward academic success for every student. To this end, we have implemented a new feature within PowerSchool which helps parents monitor their child’s academic growth throughout the school year. 

The PowerSchool Parent Portal remains the web-based system linking home to school (where attendance and bussing information can be found, and where fees can be paid). Through the PowerSchool site, parents are now able to view their child’s on-going progress at the time of student assessment with Level of Achievement marks related to curricular outcomes, in addition to occasional comments and/or assignment information. Parents will be able to access information about their child’s progress during the learning process, as well as at key points during the year when summary information about achievement is posted.

At the end of January, and again at the end of June, parents can access the PowerSchool Summary Report. This report provides parents and guardians with a snapshot of their child's achievement to date. In addition to the outcomes from the Alberta Program of Studies, the Summary Report also includes Learner Skills, which identify strengths and areas of growth in collaboration, citizenship and self-management.

At École Escuela Grandin, we believe that parents/guardians, students and teachers are integral partners in the learning process. As such, we encourage you to read the Summary Report with your child to celebrate successes and set goals for the second half of the year, much like you did before with your child's report card.

Remember, you and your child also have access 24/7 to all the assignments and assessments that go into the Summary Report throughout the year. Just log into the PowerSchool Parent portal.

If you do not yet have access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal, ( please contact the office at 780 482-3676.

Thank you for all you do to support your children and our home-school partnership. 

Claudia Pederson


Instructions for Accessing the PowerSchool Summary Report

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