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Holy Child Catholic Elementary School

Holy Child Catholic Elementary School

The Board of Trustees of Edmonton Catholic Schools is pleased to announce the new name of the former Grandin School. Effective today, the school will be called Holy Child Catholic Elementary School. At a Special Public Meeting of the Board, Board Chair Sandra Palazzo shared the following:

“On June 28, 2021, this Board voted unanimously to remove the name ‘Grandin’ from our school because of Bishop Vital Grandin’s role in residential schools. A committee was struck to undertake a search for a new name for the school. The committee included members from the ECSD Elders’ Advisory Council, Indigenous Learning Services, Administration from the school, the Department of Religious Education, and senior leadership.

In addition to the parameters set forth in our administrative procedures, the committee also used the following guiding principles: that the name honour the children whose lives were lost in residential schools, and that the name be one that would be meaningful and positive for the students of the school. I am pleased to share the recommendation that the school be given the name Holy Child Catholic Elementary School.

Holy Child is one of several titles that are used to refer to Jesus from his birth until he reached the age of 13. The name calls to mind this formative time in his life. Further, Jesus often referred to the sacredness of children in his teaching. In the gospel of Matthew, he says: “Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” (Mt 18: 4-5) Additionally, calling to mind the children who were tragically lost in residential schools, this name counsels us that we, as a society, must always remember and honour that every child is holy.”

The new name was introduced as Edmonton Catholic Schools students and staff were observing Orange Shirt Day ahead of the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. ECSD is committed to ensuring the work of the TRC finds a place of great significance in education.

Holy Child Catholic Elementary school is located in central Edmonton and offers French Immersion and Spanish Bilingual programming. The new school name is “Kihci Awasis” in Cree, “École Saint-Enfant” in French, and “Escuela del Santo Niño” in Spanish.

WATCH BELOW: At a September 29, 2021, Special Meeting of the Board, ECSD Trustees voted to bestow the name Holy Child Catholic Elementary School on the school formerly known as Grandin. 

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