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School Information

J.J. Bowlen is a Junior High School (Grades 7-9) with approximately 450 students. It is a place to grow intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. Being located right across the street from St. Dominic Savio Parish, students visit the church regularly to participate in religious celebrations. In addition to our quality academic programs, we also have an outstanding complementary program including Band, Foods, French as a Second Language, Construction, Art, Film Studies, and so much more. We also offer a strong athletic program with very competitive teams in all sports.

Our caring and dedicated staff provide each student with the opportunity to develop their full potential in mind, body, and spirit. The J. J. Bowlen  Student Support Team is committed to helping all students be successful. They provide support to students and their families. Members include our Learning Coach, a Family School Liaison Worker, our FNMI & ELL Teacher Designate; and a Student Advisor.

Our School Mission: With Jesus as our model, J.J. Bowlen Catholic School nurtures the mind, body, and spirit by engaging students to develop their gifts and achieve their potential.

Our School Vision: We, the J.J. Bowlen School community, welcome all students by creating learning opportunities centered on mutual respect, perseverance, and creative thought. By offering an academic curriculum that promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and inquiry, we equip our students for the demands of the 21st century. As we work and learn together, all members of our school community experience a sense of belonging and acceptance through our commitment to serve one another.

Our School Charism: With John James Bowlen's life of service as a guide, our school community seeks inspiration from the Holy Spirit as we develop an ever-deeper faith in the person of Jesus Christ.


We are well into preparations for a wonderful 2021-22 School Year. The pandemic has interrupted learning to a certain degree both this year and last. We have decided to take concrete steps to ensure students are given every opportunity to catch up. To this end, we are adding extra 50+ min blocks of Language Arts and Mathematics next year as well as Phys Ed and Religion. This will address any setbacks in literacy & numeracy and strengthen physical, mental, & spiritual health. Please note that our school week itself will not be lengthened as we are finding these extra minutes by reconfiguring our existing Timetable.

Current ECSD Students - An "Intention Icon" for the 2021-22 School Year is in your Parent PowerSchool Account in the right-hand column.  To submit a request for your child to attend J.J. Bowlen for the coming school year, simply use the Icon to indicate that. If you live in our catchment area, J.J Bowlen will be the JH you are defaulted to so just click to confirm that you choose us. If you are defaulted to a different school, simply indicate that you do not wish for your child to go to that school, and use the drop down box to select J.J. Bowlen. Principal McGoey will be notified that you have chosen our school and will contact you forthwith. (Try a different browser if you have any problems submitting your choice. Google Chrome works best.)

Non-ECSD Students - Go to the home page on  J.J. Bowlen's Website or the ECSD Website, click on "Register Now", and submit an Online Registration for the 2021-22 School Year. Principal McGoey will review your application and be in touch with you forthwith.

G7 Option Selection for 2021-22 - Forms will be sent to the parents of our incoming Grade 7 students by mid-April. 

Online Learning/Teaching in 2021-22 

We of course hope that all JJB students will be able to join us at our school site and learn in-person come September 2021. However, in these uncertain times, we fully understand how difficult it is for some families to comfortably make the at-school choice. Therefore, we intend to have a J.J. Bowlen Online Homeroom in Grades 7, 8, & 9 again next year (as we very successfully did in 2020-21) if the student numbers allow us to. By way of example, if we have twenty-five JJB students in Grade 7 who wish to be taught online, we will offer an Online Homeroom in that Grade and all subjects will be taught by teachers working at our school. However, if we only have ten Grade 7 students choosing Online Learning, we could not offer an Online Grade 7 Homeroom just like we would be unable to have ten students in a Grade 7 Homeroom at school. In that case, those ten Grade 7 Online students would be enrolled in the ECSD centralized Online Academy and instruction would be by teachers hired by the Division to teach in the Online Academy. This would be the same for Grade 8 and Grade 9 Online too. If a student in our catchment area did have to enter the centralized Online ECSD Academy, they would have the opportunity to return to J.J. Bowlen for in-person learning when Term 1 ends on January 31, 2022. This will also apply to students in J.J. Bowlen Online Homerooms, assuming we have the student numbers needed to offer them in Grades 7, 8, or 9. 

Our Registration Handbook for 2021-22

JJ Bowlen Regis Handbook for 2021-22.pdf

You can also find more information about our School on our YouTube Channel


Below are documents including our Re-Entry Plan, a General Information form (which has our Supply List on it), and a 2020-21 School Year Calendar. 

JJ Bowlen 2020-21 Re-Entry Plan Updated Jan 15, 2021.pdf

JJ Bowlen 2020-21 General Info.pdf

JJB 2020-21 Calendar.pdf

COVID-19 Information and Documents

Remote Learning Tips for Families.pdf

Compugen Chromebook Purchase Program 2020.pdf

Compugen Contacts:

Anoop Sond: (780) 969-0060 or Brenda Stewart: (780) 670-5131

Google Classroom Guide

Alberta Education has instituted a help-line and email for parents of students, particularly those with disabilities, during COVID-19 and at-home learning. The line is 780-422-6548 (toll-free by first dialing 310-0000, followed by the 10-digit phone number) or via email at:


Here is our Three-Year Growth Plan:

JJ Bowlen 2020-23 Continuous Growth Plan .pdf

Supply Lists Are posted on our school website under “School Information" and "School Supplies" which you can find in the left hand column. 

School Fees These too are posted on our website under “School Information” and "School and Transportation Fees" in the left hand column.

Lates and Absences

Please email our Admin Support Kim Ongaro if your child is going to be late or absent:

Our Namesake

Our school is named after the Honourable John James Bowlen, the first Roman Catholic to represent the Crown as Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. J. J. Bowlen, was born in 1876 in Prince Edward Island. In 1906, he moved his family out west and began what was to be an extremely successful life as a rancher and politician. By 1920, Bowlen owned the largest horse ranch in Canada.
J. J. Bowlen had an active political career. Elected in 1930, as a Liberal MLA for Calgary, he was one of only six opposition members to remain elected in the Social Credit landslide of 1935. He held office until 1944, serving his constituents in the Alberta legislature for 14 years.
In 1950, J. J. Bowlen was appointed the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. He died in office in 1959 and is buried in St. Joachim’s cemetery in Edmonton. During his life, J. J. Bowlen received many honors, held numerous executive positions and was actively involved in service clubs such as Kiwanis, Elks and Knights of Columbus.
At J. J. Bowlen Catholic Junior High School, we strive to live up to the example set for us by our namesake. He is a Catholic role model for the students and staff of our school. His active life embodies the qualities of hard work, determination and service to others and he reminds us of how to celebrate our gifts.
To find out more about J. J. Bowlen the man, visit the Alberta Legislative website at: 
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