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General Program Informaton

  • Daily Physical Education
  • Learning Coach
  • French as a Second Language  
  • English as a Second Language  
  • Specialist Music teacher
  • Environment Education
  • Hot Lunch and Milk Program
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Early Literacy Intervention
  • Sport Programs
  • Balanced Literacy  
  • Safety Patrol


  • Fully Networked Educational Environment with Video Broadcasting
  • Learning Commons
  • Computers
  • iPads, Netbooks, Lenovos, Chromebooks
  • Speech and Language Services
  • School/Parish Team Partnership
  • Librarian and Educational Assistants
  • Emotional/Behavioral Services
  • Extensive Literacy Resources
  • Sensory Area

Extracurricular Activities

Please see Club Information under School Information!



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