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School Supply Lists

Parents of students in Kindergarten through Grade Six have the option of either purchasing supplies at local stores, or ordering supply packages through using their online ordering process. Please note that if you have supplies at home, it is not necessary to purchase additional ones. Only purchase the items on the supply lists that you do not already have at home.  If you choose to purchase supplies at local stores, it is not necessary to purchase specific brands of items. If you are purchasing your items from a local store, please print off the lists below and use them as guides to purchase the items that you need.

Online ordering of supplies is convenient, so we are happy to offer this service to our parents. Late orders are accepted through the online service. Orders placed through School Start are delivered directly to your home and are clearly labeled with your child's name. Information about School Start, including a short video, is available online at 

Please note:  Agenda books will be part of the School Fees this year and will not have to be ordered through  All students will receive an agenda at the start of the school year.

School Supplies Kindergarten 2022-23.pdf

School Supplies Grade 1 2022-23.pdf

School Supplies Grade 2 2022-23.pdf

School Supplies Grade 3 2022-23.pdf

School Supplies Grade 4 2022-23.pdf

School Supplies Grade 5 2022-23.pdf

School Supplies Grade 6 2022-23.pdf

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