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Student Weblinks

Language Arts


IXL Language Practice (up to 20 questions per day)

Spelling City

Story Jumper

Create A Story

Create a Movie


ICT Literacy Games

Reading Passages with Questions

Reading Passages with Questions

Letter/Picture Match

Sight Word Activities (choose Jigsaw first)

Word Scramble (Gr. 1 - 2)

ABC Match

Word Families

Building English Language Skills



IXL Math Practice (up to 20 questions per day)

Estimation Games

ICT Math Games

Virtual Manipulatives

K - 1 Math Games

Multiplication Challenge

Data Management

Early Math Vocabulary

Comparing Fractions

Fraction Games

Crossing the Water Problem

Math Practice

Games to Build Basic Skills

Modeling Word Problems

Word Problems

Odd and Even Numbers

More Odd and Even Numbers


Science Clips

Bug Hunt

Food Chains

City of Edmonton: Recycling

Habitat Quiz

Life in a Pond

Float and Sink

Strange Matter

Web Weather

Weather - Sky Diary

Weather Stats

Climate Change

Seasonal Changes

The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle


Social Studies

Kiddle Search Engine

Exploring Canada's North

Environment Clean Up

Resources and Goods

Food Across Canada

Building a Community

Alberta Online Encyclopedia

Interactive Maps

Canadian Geography

Learn the Provinces and Capitals

Grade Four Social

Grade five Social

Alberta's Regions

Safe Internet Use

Map Match Game

Mapping Skills

Mixed Fun

Learn Alberta
(At home you will need Username & Password - see your teacher.)

Gr. 1-2@2Learn

Gr. 3-6 @2Learn

Dance Mat Typing

Getting Along

Enchanted Learning

French Practice

French Games

Food Group Fun

Canada Food Guide

Interactive Learning Sites for Education

Gr. 3-6 Lab Favourites


Literacy Center


Programming With Scratch

Learn Code


Gr. 1-3 Religion Growing in Faith

Faith First Games K-3

Faith First Games 4-6




Cybersense - Online Safety

Cybersense - Privacy

Privacy Pirates

Team Heroes

Internet Safety

Cyberbullying Prevention

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