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International PATHS Model School

Ecole Our Lady of the Prairies received its International PATHS Model School designation in 2018. This designation was presented to the school at the PATHS International Conference in Chicago from the PATHS International Organization and Ecole Our Lady of the Prairies is the only the second school in Canada to receive this designation.

Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies

Promoting alternative thinking strategies is a universal, teacher-lead social emotional curriculum that is designed to:

•Improve understanding and recognition of emotions

•Prevent or reduce behavioural problems

•Improve self-esteem

•Improve critical thinking skills

•Increase effective learning in the classroom


PATHS incorporates the five social emotional learning domains:



3.Social Awareness

4.Relationship Skills

5.Responsible Decision Making

What are some of the goals of PATHS?

Increasing children’s abilities to think and solve problems for themselves.

Increasing children’s abilities to use their thinking skills to act responsibly.

Improving children’s understanding of themselves and others.

Improving children’s feelings about themselves (improving their self-esteem).

Increasing children’s abilities to learn more effectively in the classroom.

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