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General Program Information


St. Charles School serves the Baturyn, Castledowns, Castlewoods and Castlebrook areas of North Edmonton.

Key Features
  • We are a Leader in me School with a Catholic world view. We believe in leadership for ALL, and the Five Stages of Social Justice.
  • Our school is a caring, Catholic/Christian community of students, teachers and parents working together to improve student learning and growth
  • Early Literacy/Balanced Literacy Focus
  • Reading Intervention Program in Primary grades
  • Outstanding Music Program
  • Inclusive Education philosophy
  • Focus on Safe and Caring Schools
  • Christ centered learning focus
  • Emphasis on the spiritual, emotional, physical and academic growth of students
  • In-school private before/after school child care on the premises (Little Einsteins 780-457-2475)


Mission: To empower and affirm the leadership in each child in a Christ-centered learning environment.

Vision: Our students will learn, work and pray together in answering the call to leadership for service to God and community.


  • Each classroom is equipped with a computer and Smart Board
  • FM Field Systems in classroom as an Aide to learning
  • Healthy Hunger hot lunch program
  • Strong liaison with St. Charles Parish
  • Music program with Bells Program
  • Recorder music program
  • We are a 1 to 1 IPad School with addtional technology support using Chrome Books

Extracurricular Activities

  • Volleyball Team
  • Choir
  • Running Club
  • Milk Monitors
  • Patrols
  • Office Helpers
  • Library Club
  • Lunch Monitors
  • Social Justice Projects
  • Student Wellness Club
  • Intramurals



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